A Family As Big As The Ash

Once upon a time, there was a War fought in places beyond the sight of mortal men, with terrible and subtle weapons that could devour worlds.

That War is a War without end: the Valde Bellum, an endless battle between the mighty Imperators and their Excrucian foes. But this is not a story of the War, but of a family born in blood and flame: yours. Your Imperators once flew, broken and dying in a place beyond time. There, they cast off their distrust of one another, and angel and demon and cthonic ur-god stood shoulder to shoulder and called one another brother (or sister, or hizer, depending on gender or lack thereof).

The oathes they swore to one another in the War hold true for you, their Powers: where most Nobles are lucky to have a handful of siblings, you have a mighty throng, a family tree as large as Yggdrassil, the World Ash itself.

This is the story of a family born in strife, and the trials that they overcame together.



  • Old Rake, a monster of some variety that dwells in the forests at the edge of the Chancel


Book I, Episode 1: Spark
Benjamin and Chris meet following an abbreviated bar brawl. They spend an afternoon hunting a creature called Old Rake without much success, but Chris does manage to decimate the forest with flashy pyrotechnics.

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