Admiral's Inspiration

Lesser Creation of Skill (4), Penetration +2, automatic (+1), limited use (-2), local (-1), 4 CPs total

The presence of its leader is a powerful motivator for a fleet. Lloyd Lyle Lebaron has extrapolated from this principle to create a Gift that enhances the capability of any crew under his command. While Lloyd is in command of a vessel or fleet of vessels, each member of the crew is automatically inspired to beyond expert competence in all aspects of their work. So long as Lloyd remains on board, every man, woman or child officially under his command becomes the equivalent of an elite stormtrooper, a perfect bureaucrat, a tireless worker, and a trained engineer, right down to the cabin boy.

This blessing applies only in the performance of duty; while working on personal projects or to things irrelevant to the well-being of the vessel, each crew member uses only their normal skill.

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