Al-Agrefyyn, Pawn of Art, Dominus Artificii

Aspect 5 8 AMP
Domain 0 8 DMP
2 … is greater than the sum of its parts.
1 … unites disparate things.
1 … makes the impossible possible.
1 … speaks meaning into the chaos.
1 … is the cornerstone of civilization.
1 … observes only its own laws.
Persona 0 8 PMP
Treasure 0 8 TMP

Passion and Skills

Passion: I am loyal to my friends. (2)
Skill: Brawler (3)
Skill: Superior Artisan (3)
Cool (5)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I fulfill the wishes of the one who holds the flask. (5)
Affliction: I am a creature of flames and whirling sands. (2)
Affliction: My passions warp the world around me. (1)
Bond: Anything, without exception, is a potential component. (3)
Bond: My wonders are the keys to the universe. (2)

Artisan's Tools (Gifts)

Lesser Binding of Any Estate (+6) (x3)
One Target (-2), Focused Package (-1)
2 PMP (-3), Uncommon (+1)
The Artisan can infuse his wonders with a particular relationship to a particular estate by turning the gears and spinning the threads of their fundamental nature into a certain alignment. This can be used to make an umbrella whose presence is metaphysically antagonistic to rain, or a mirror that only reflects beautiful things.

Weaving Destinies (+6)
2 DMP (-3), One Thing (-2)
Flexible (+1), Uncommon (+1)
When Agrefyyn is tying and nailing and mashing things together to create his wonders, he can open up their souls and program destinies into them by writing on them with his miraculous fountain pen.

Lesser Motion of Miracles (+6)
2 TMP (-3), One Thing (-2)
Handful of Applications (-2)
Uncommon (+1)
This fountain pen can capture miracles in its inkwell, to be written back into the world at the user's discretion, unchanged but with a new target. This is a variation on the soul-carving sword that trades the ability to continuously interfere with an opponent for the ability to capture a miracle. It can only hold one miracle at a time.




Al-Agrefyyn was a Djinni artisan who wandered the Ash, for centuries searching for something he would fall in love with. He studied the miracles of the world, analyzed the laws of science and magic and used them as a framework from which to build his own wonders. He made a flying saucers for tribes of little grey savages, monster-slaying swords, and culinary tools that would incite the adoration of princes. But though he put his heart and soul into his works, every time he grew bored of them, and some new fancy would take root in his soul. He left the grey men, abandoned his swords in caves for heroes to find generations later, left his cooking pots in the hands of peasant farmers, whose lineages would become those of feudal dynasties.

Such was the pattern of his life, until one night spent wandering the Arabic Peninsula, when he met a sorcerer of the Cleave of Botanists. To this day, he does not understand, and perhaps it is not possible for him to understand, the magics that bind him to the ornate water flask and grant him, in body if not in will, such phenomenal powers. He served the Cammora for a decade or so, and in that time learned how to obey the spirit or the letter of a command as it suited him, lashing out in rebellion against his captors.

Sometime thereafter, he was stolen- or perhaps, given his rebellion, traded- to the Cammora, and from there his flask came to circulate Noble society, until it finally fell among the endless shelves of lost things of Locus Zein. When Al_Agrefyyn was discovered by the True God's priesthood and powers, he was soon enNobled as the Pawn of Art, and he has been allowed to return to his work as an artisan, artist, and inventor. He remains bound to his flask, however, which afflicts him such that he can neither move it on his own, nor disobey any who take it for their own.


The Cleave of Botanists that enslaved me is still after my lamp and I. Their methods are various, sometimes peaceful, sometimes coercive, occasionally treacherous or violent, depending on the individuals. I suspect, without proof, that the grand master who first enslaved me is still around, and still on the hunt.

The Cammora occasionally come to me to make trades, for themselves or on behalf of other beings, and I take great pleasure in fulfilling their most challenging requests- for an appropriate price, of course.

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