Al Agrefyyn On


What is this woman? Excrucian or Noble, or both? I ought to fear her, but I'm merely wary- perhaps I'm just too melancholic for that. I am curious of her nature, and her gardens are a wonder I cannot imitate. And I have found no one better to give my creations a… test of constancy, shall we say?


This one I trust with my flask, and when I have a choice, she is one of those I will ask to carry it. I value her company as a teacher- time spent in her vicinity is always educational, and often fascinating. How long did I wander the mortal world without paying my fellow mortals any mind- and how much did my actions affect them?


Fantastical heroes need fantastical tools! There are some tricks of his which I consider invaluable in my work, and once in a while I go to solicit a miracle from him. I do not object when he holds my flask, and there is something uniquely euphoric about standing side by side with //the soul of heroism!//


A musician needs a proper tool, though I would be hard-pressed to craft an instrument worthy of Sound himself. Brother Sonus is a joy to be near, but he frightens me. Those flowers in his eyes, the absolute force of joy he carries with him- I can only bear it in moderation, I'm afraid, and sometimes, just here and there, he seems, well… a little mad, if you ask me.

Perhaps that says more about me than about him.


A deity after my own heart. His appreciation of wondrous things is similar to my own, and I feel we have a strong rapport. At times, though, he makes me uneasy. At the worst of times, I fear he is less constant than I, and I must think there is something deeply wrong if I must be the voice of reason or stability in any exchange. Particularly considering my little… disability.


Adventuress, entrepreneur, and potential time-traveler? Perfect, yes, precisely the sort of person I want holding my flask! And what's the catch?

Thief. Madwoman? Former Botanist. There it is, yes. That almost balances out, doesn't it? I won't be sleeping tonight.

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