Amelia Mandelbrot

Domina Candela, Power of Candles, Lady Witch, Moonhand

Aspect 1 (5 AMPs)

Domain 0 (5 DMPs)

Realm 0 (5 RMPs)

Spirit 5 (10 SMPs)

High Summoning 1

Witch Eyes
Witch's Charm
Limitless Heart
Touch of Prometheus

Limit: Light Touch (+5 SMPs)
Affiliation: Code of the Light
Virtue: Hopeful


  • the preservation of humanity and its freedom (5)
  • the protection of her Chancel and Imperator (4)
  • her four Anchors (1 each)
  • her "traditional" witch's regalia- black cat familiar, flying broom, wand, and hat (2)
  • her collection of books both magical and literary (2)
  • her Sibling, the Duke of the Moon (2)
  • green power (1)

Estate: The Estate of Candles includes both the tiny, flimsy lights made of wax and string, and the even smaller and flimsier light of hope.

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