Anna Beauregarde

Domina Aquatis, Queen of the Sea, Lady of the Waters, Water's-Regal

Aspect 1 (Metahuman) 5 AMPs
Domain 5 (Regal) 5 DMPs
Realm 0 (Citizen) 5 RMPs
Spirit 0 (Candleflame) 5 SMPs

Queen of the Sea
Siren Song

Note: Anna derives the Clear-Sighted property from the Patronage of her Sister Caelestis, Cipher.

Restriction: Unable to realize that all cultures are not the antebellum South
Affiliation: Code of the Angels
Virtue: Placid


  • her untroubled life at the bottom of the sea (4)
  • the sanctity of her Estate (4)
  • her reputation as a gracious hostess (3)
  • her reputation as the premier information broker of Earth (2)
  • her Sibling, Rhys Bellamant (2)
  • her Sibling, Cipher (2)
  • her Sibling, Bertha Blue (1)
  • her Anchor, the cetathrope Orome (1)

"A rising tide floats all boats- but for that to happen, honey, I have to get involved. So what have ya'll got to offer me?" -Anna Beauregarde, Water's-Regal.

Anna Beauregarde began her life as a privileged daughter of the Old South before the Civil War. She loved a man, who died; she was then affianced by her parents to another man for whom she did not care at all. She chose instead to walk into the sea in her wedding dress, hoping to drown rather than live a life not of her choosing. Instead, she was taken up to become the Power of Water, and set as the Queen of the Sea, resident in the underwater Chancel of Ash-Atlantica.

It took Anna a little bit of time to grow accustomed to the strange formalities of Noble culture, but she eventually integrated herself by simply ignoring any differences between a party of a dozen semi-divine Nobles and a soiree back in Georgia. Anna simply provides guests with enough lemonade and pastries and relies on her effervescent personality to keep things going. Admittedly, the pastries are served by mermen and the parties take place at the bottom of the sea, but otherwise the comparison is sound. Nobody can fault Anna for her enjoyment of other people's company and the chance to talk, so her quirks seem small in comparison to those of some of her peers.

Outside of her social obligations, Anna's primary work among the Nobilis is as an information broker. She may not have the absolute best Estate for miracles of divination, but she makes up for it with extra nosiness, and she's more willing to tell what she knows (for a price) than most of her rivals. She'll trade secrets with anyone who makes an agreeable companion, or else ask for something she wants in order to enhance her hedonistic existence.

The one thing that can get Anna really riled up is her famous enmity for Melangell Thorpe, the Duchess of the Four Winds, whose pirate fleet once ravaged the seven seas at the whim of its mistress. Anna's (perfectly reasonable, to her mind) attempts to remind the Duchess of just who holds primacy over the ocean resulted in Duchess Thorpe striking back with an embarassing theft of precious gold right out of Ash-Venetia itself! This caused their tiny dispute to flare up into a full-scale feud, the full results of which have yet to be seen.

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