Anton Camillason

Do not dwell on what is and is not possible, but what is and is not here. My blood is here, my body is here, and your choice is here.

Superior Blood Magic 5
Skill: Vampire 4
Skill: Violin 1
Passion: I will devour death. 2
Passion: I have only the passion I steal. 0

I cannot see the sun, nor can the sun see me. 5
The blood of the living sustains me for eternity in place of air and water and food. 4
I cannot enter a private dwelling without invitation. 3
Blood carries the passion of my victims into me. 3
The stain of vampirism cannot be hidden forever. 2
Food is as ash in my mouth. 1

Anton understood the power of blood early. He worked out how to cloud the mind of someone with their blood, to wield the authority father's have over their children with the blood of said father, to perform visceral and terrifying miracles by spilling what God greedily declared his own even as he gave away that it was the power.

It was only natural that he would turn to vampirism. He looks the part now, always looks the part—cannot, in fact, help but looking the part. To sustain an existence such as his own has involved serious costs. He obtains and burns through Will at distressing rates, and survives by existing as a vampire. Even as he exerts himself to the limits of his once human body, his dedication to the role of vampire prevents him from dying and his vampiric nature and blood magic allow him to restore himself.

On the mortal scale, Anton is terrifying. Most regular people—and even many lesser spirits and the like—are going to have a hard time with Superior Blood Magic against them. His Vampirism plus the Bond of 'The stain of vampirism…' gives him a good line on the typical powers of the undead, as well as keeping him alive via the 'The blood of the living…' Bond. When all else fails, his stolen passions can help push him through.

One proper Miracle and he'll topple over, however. The hilarity, of course, will be in him getting a taste of miraculous blood. It hasn't happened yet, but it will eventually. It'll definitely change him, even if he doesn't manage to essential gobble down a whole Noble's heart.

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