Apep II, Magister of the Dark (OLD)

Creator of Locus Apep, and the Imperator of Video Games, Pranks, Play, Writing, Disruption, True Love, and The Singularity, Apep is the daughter of the original Apep of Egypt. She can be recognized by her oddly human form (for a Magister of the Dark), urban clothing and the box of endless Chinese takeout she often eats from in mid-conversation.

At present, her Nobles include Alexander Chase, Navee, Gadg8eer, Kavya Rao, and Longshot Feeney.

Apep is a unique example among her fellow Dark Imperators. While most want humanity to bring about their own downfall, Apep is almost halfway to Light; while on an individual level she would like nothing more than to see True Love tear at society with its irresistible pull, on a larger scale she has focused on changing mankind and making them immortal… to the point of not being human anymore. Like a twisted version of the Light's goals, her plans of transhumanism and technological, economic and habitation singularities are the addictive underside of progress. Should she have her way, humanity's empire would become a world (or worlds) of pacifistic mind uploads, sentient computronium planet godheads and genetically-customized anthromorphs who expand ever outwards.

This also puts her at odds with Lord Entropy, who has banned love and represents the concept that even the Singularity will not last forever. In 2017, a Final Battle occurred in which the Excrucians lost, however Lord Entropy isn't the type of Imperator who takes that offense lying Town.

Unfortunately, Apep wasn't as smart as she thought. Her choice of Powers was a Scarecrow who couldn't really give a care either way, a video game developer who thought Drake Studios was a good idea for a company name, a failed smarthome appliance kickstarter, and an unreal boy who was too busy worrying about adult things to actually play.

None of which actually happened. Instead she got Lord Entropy kicked out of the Council of Four by revealing her plan, which in some way (likely due to prophesy) inevitably got the Darkest Lord enraged enough in public to get kicked out.

Lord Entropy used to think not trying to be evil was enough, and in cursing Apep for otherwise, he has been banned from the Locust Court and the Council of Four. This is not necessarily a good thing. Quite bad, to be honest.

Unfortunately, the damage is done, and rebuilding will take more than plucky underdogs to succeed.
The result is that everything is up in the air now, and the Heavens have been evacuated as they burn with an eerie green weirding fire known as the Edge. Apep and her Powers have a new goal, because Lord Entropy hurt their Estates.

Writing is hurting, the thrones are hungering.
Video Games is hurting, the machine Apep's powers would have built up has been destroyed for hubris.
Pranks is hurting, the call of the Wild knows where the Dark lives.
Disruption is hurting, to behold another conflict would destroy the world.
Play is hurting, no more funny business is allowed in pretend wars.
The Singularity is hurting, the Ash is falling as it slowly burns like a candle from Heaven down.
True Love is hurting, it can only be used once upon an age, and time is money.

Actuals may or may not have been traded away at some point, it's not entirely clear if there is an Estate of Actuals.

Locus Apep

Locus Apep itself also has an interesting history. It should be located in the Straight of Georgia, and be a video game island called Simply City.
Somehow, in the aftermath of the Rebooting, Locus Apep is accessible by placing a phone call to Simply City through any payphone or any mobile phone owned (anchored) by one of Apep's powers.
For a Power, leaving Locus Apep is decidedly easier. Simply swim, fly or sail away from Simply City until you can't see it anymore, and you will find yourself somewhere in the Strait of Georgia.

Simply City is an Open World map out of a AAA game title; The "metropolis" of Simply City is located on a 100 square kilometer island and has all the trappings of a major world city including record-breaking skyscrapers, an intercontinental airport and a metro system rivaling NYC, London and Tokyo, despite a population of under 100,000 people who are mostly generic NPCs.

Locus Apep was created when Billy Deckard, former power of Play until the late 1990's, chose to crush his own black heart for the new Chancel instead of the suicide mission of invading the Evil World, proving his previously questionable loyalty to Creation. Apep's current set of Powers aren't strictly comfortable with that fact.

Gadg8eer, the Pawn of Play, sleeps inside physical copies of stories, music and games where he dreams of living and playing in those worlds instead of Creation. This apparently includes Simply City in Locus Apep, but not other Chancels or really anywhere else in Creation. A nearly immortal and otherwise useless little Kidpunk, he's taken to being the team's scout and having fun as he restores Play and tries to re-integrate the mysteriously absent Estate of Fair Play.

Kavya Rao, the Power of True Love, is a 17 year old hitchhiker and freelance journalist who wrote an online blog on mortal magic and various other abnormal things. Now the librarian of Simply City's Library of Progress, she's annoyingly aware of the clever jabs at her by Alexander Chase related to obscure writing communities, usually involving Mary Sues and/or infinitely large libraries and/or toast. She resides in an old RV and seeks to restore True Love to it's full capacity.

Longshot Feeney, the Baron of Disruption and Pranks, lives and… works… in an art supply store which is actually more of a flea market. Yes, one can buy actual fleas there if that's what they're after. Feeney takes the role of acquiring unique magical artifacts or rare antiques via the seemingly limitless 'back room' of his shop. This is done through entirely non-miraculous magical means, as the shop is not a treasure and seems to have only two abnormal features, the larger-on-the-inside storage area of the procedural-generated back room being the first. The second is the tendency for powerful but non-miraculous objects, created with either cutting edge mortal technology or the best that mortal magic has to offer, to wind up being sold to the shop.

Navee, the Power of The Singularity, is an anthropomorphic version of the Navee Voice Smart Home control system, a failed crowdfunded smarthome voice control device. She resembles, and for all intents and purposes is, a Gynoid powered by a rechargeable battery. This means she doesn't need a residence so much as simply a place to wirelessly charge herself, which in Simply City is literally anywhere at all times, or elsewhere a place to plug in her wireless power transmitter to a wall outlet. This is meant to be her equivalent to sleeping, and since Nobles only need to sleep to recover from wounds, she can generally move about in the Prosaic Earth or other parts of Creation while staying consistently at 100% charge.

Alexander Chase, the Duke of Video Games and Writing, never fully accepted the life of a Noble and still resides in the Prosaic Earth, only travelling to Locus Apep when his presence is required. He has a condo in the Simply City 1000, an arcology in the center of Simply City that the Prosaic Earth believes to merely be a hypothetical architectural project, but only uses the apartment when he needs to host Noble-related guests or is in need of rest while undertaking a project from inside the Chancel.

Chancel Properties

  • Everything respawns (3)
  • Cutscene Power to the Max (2)
  • Fun comes before fate (5)
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