Arthur Kingsley

Arthur Kingsley, Saint of Legends, Dominus Mȳthologiae

Aspect 0 5/5 AMP
Domain 0 5/5 DMP
3 Legends are larger than life
2 Legends are what we wish were true
2 Legends are part of how we understand the world
Persona 0 5/5 PMP
Treasure 5 5/5 TMP

Passion and Skills

Skill: Hero 4
Skill: Guile 2
Skill: Be Awesome 1
Cool 1

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: People around me become part of my story 2
Affliction: I am of good heart 2
Bond: I am becoming a Living Legend 5
Bond: Pegasus is a noble steed 1 (Wondrous Anchor)
Bond: The sheath of Excalibur keeps me whole and heals my wounds 1 (Wondrous Anchor)
Bond: Excalibur can cut anything 2 (Miraculous Anchor)
5 Bond points unassigned.


Panoply (3 CP)
By spending 1 DMP, Arthur can make appear before him or in his hands any single thing of which legends were or are told.
This Gift is a Greater Creation or Summoning of Legendary Things.
Miracle level 7, Normal -2, One thing -2, Comprehensive -1, Uncommon +1
I think Comprehensive is right: he can only make it appear, not move or in any other way control it with this Gift (i.e. no Animations). It's somewhat ambiguous, when summoning something new, whether he is summoning the actual thing or creating something from whole cloth that fits the specifications; I suppose it depends on whether the thing existed prior or not. The Gift itself can do both, so he can use it to summon some specific thing he's already summoned to him from wherever it was before.

Legendary (7 CP)
When acting in the vein of the heroes of old, Arthur obeys the tropes of mythology more than the petty laws of physics.
This Gift is an Aspect 7 miracle of Skill: Hero.
Miracle Level 7, Simple -1, Local -1, Flexible +1, Uncommon +1

Durant (1 CP)
I want to say that this Gift represents the passive powers of Excalibur's sheath. Representing this mechanically (i.e. as a focus) just costs extra and complicates things for negligible benefit.




That the myths are divine can be seen from those who have used them. Myths have been used by inspired poets, by the best of philosophers, by those who established the mysteries, and by the Gods themselves in oracles. Since all existing things rejoice in that which is like them and reject that which is unlike, the stories about the Gods ought to be like the Gods, so that they may both be worthy of the divine essence and make the Gods well disposed to those who speak of them: which could only be done by means of myths.
- Sallustius, On the Gods and the Cosmos (4th c.), III. Concerning myths; that they are divine, and why.

Arthur was an ordinary person with an mundane and boring destiny. The only thing particularly remarkable about him was his name, which did lead to the occasional joke. But he never took those jokes seriously. Just because his parents had an odd naming sense didn't mean that he was King Arthur reborn.

And then, one day, a woman made of mist and wreathed in the aura of the past and of the future- who he would later come to know as Clio Nonesuch, Power of History - gave him the legendary sword Excalibur and told him he had before him a great destiny. Slightly disbelieving, he took up the sword and, in that instant, became the Power of Legends.

To him was granted dominion over heroes and myths, and an Olympus' worth of legendary toys and magics. He walks alongside demigods, and fights against terrors from beyond Creation. For an ordinary young man from London, it was like a dream come true - like being part of a story or video game. And no matter how much time passes or what he might become, inside him will always be that little kid rejoicing in being part of a legend come to life. That is the core of him, and the thing that gives him faith that no matter how bad things may seem, he will make it through in the end, because heroes always do. That the world is good, and things will be okay.

Legends do not always have happy endings - in fact, they often don't - but Arthur will damn well make sure that his does.

Life Path

Avatar Diagram

Chamomile (X)
Key of Something Romantic (hero)

Arthur is - or, at least, presents himself as - a Hero, a walking Legend. A being that rises above humanity, but not so far above as to be alien and unreachable. He lives life as one in love with it, samples of all the best things in it, rushes headlong from one glorious adventure to another, and in every respect looks like someone determined to live life to the absolute fullest and have as much fun as possible along the way.

And to some extent that's true.

Vervain (II)
Key of Something Powerful (king, bound by duty, set apart)

Arthur views the things of legend as his responsibility. More than that, he sees it as his responsibility to live up to the standards of the legends of ages past. That sense of responsibility binds him more surely than any chain.

He is also somewhat suspicious that the dharmic weight of his name and his station are together leading in… certain directions. His name was probably part of why his Imperator chose him, and he was also given Excalibur upon his Commencement. No Knights of the round table have shown up, though.


Arthur is…Something Cool (larger than life)

Everything Arthur does is epic. He's not perfect, but even his screwups are big and glorious. He is a human writ large but also, therefore, fundamentally human.

Legends are from the…Light Side of Human Experience (lord of wonders)

People are inspired and amazed by Legends. People tell stories of what they would love to be the case. And even our darkest myths exist to benefit ourselves.

Arthur is surrounded by the stuff of Legend. Fantastic beasts are his, and mythic regalia also. The finest wine to have ever existed is literally a finger-snap away. Anything that can be dreamed of he possesses, and so he is the subject of envy and wonder (less so to his peers, of course, but to humanity he is in part the embodiment of their dreams).

Legends are… something you can describe (what you dream of being)

Legends are not real. Not grounded in existence, or bound by common sense. The characters of myth are not so much humans as the idea and ideal of humanity, and so, to some extent, it is - must be - with Arthur.

Arthur lived a…humble life (used to ordinary things)

Arthur was a nobody before he became a Power. He went to a middle-of-the-road school and got a middle-of-the-road job and lived in a middle-of-the-road apartment. He had no big dreams or great ambitions. He was, in a word, an ordinary person.

Secretly there is a part of him that sort of misses that. Just a teeny bit. It's just… sometimes, he would like to curl up on a couch with a good book, or go for a walk, or hang out on an internet forum and chat about video games. Whatever.

But he can't do that, right? It would be a betrayal of what he stands for and what he is. I mean, have you ever heard the Legend of the guy who curled up on a couch and read a book all day?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

The legacy of that life was… Transformation (making it up as I go)

Inside, Arthur is still overwhelmed at it all. He is unsure of himself and what to do and reacts by acting as he believes the Power of Legends ought to act, rather than as how he wants to act.

Contact: Followers (I draw people into my story)

Arthur attracts people to him. Admirers, envious snakes, loyal followers, and so on. People become swept up and part of his story. Whether he wants them to or not.

Contact: True Love (grand romance)

… thinking about it.

Arthur is… of the Wild (supposed to be free)

Arthur sings the song of the Wild. He is not bound by common sense, nor by the laws of this world, but is only himself and the expression of himself. (But if he is free to do what he wants, shouldn't he do what he wants?)

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when something endangers Legends as a whole.
1 Make something that seems like a genuine legend, or place a vague half-remembered myth in a person's head.
2 Know basic information about the Legends of a culture or area. Speak to Legends and persuade them to edit themselves slightly.
3 Preserve a Legend from being forgotten or from the attacks of historians, scientists and other people seeking to disprove or disregard it.
4 Insert a new Legend into the mythology of a specific culture or area. Alter minor details of a well-known Legend. Summon from the mists of time a Legend once forgotten.
5 Remove a story from being an accepted part of a mythos. Know an entire mythology or the true events that gave rise to or inspired a given Legend.
6 Prevent a Legend or entire mythology from ever being disregarded or forgotten. Make it so that Cúchulainn was always an Egyptian hero.
7 Create a whole new mythology from scratch and insert it into the world, or summon the mythos of a culture that long vanished from this Earth. Alter Legends on a vast scale.
8 Remove all the Legends of a culture from this world.
9 Swap the entire mythology of a culture with another's, replacing Greek Mythology with Inca Mythology and vice versa.

Persona Miracle Chart

0 Recognize Legendary things, people, and places on sight.
1 Make someone or something a little more legendary, a little more idealized, a little larger than life; or, conversely, make something a little more ordinary and boring.
2 Incarnate in a Legend, epic poem, or saga.
3 Become larger-than-life, or how I or others wish I were. Become Legendary. Become a being that dispenses wisdom, something that helps people understand and contextualize the world and themselves.
4 Make a story or historical account into a Legend. Make something into the ideal version of itself - the way it ought to be, into that which it or others dream and wish it to be. Make something a part of how we understand the world.
5 Incarnate in a mythology or the accumulated stories of a culture. Strip a story or tale from Legends (Depending on the story, it may become instead History, Fiction, a Folk Tale or an Urban Legend. The prime difference in the latter two cases is how seriously it is taken by academia). Make a piece of scientific instrumentation useless at understanding the world. Make something that was larger than life or idealized mundane and ordinary.
6 Give someone or something a legendary destiny, such that it will be spoken of in stories and in songs. Make myself as unto a god - a perfected and idealized being, the dream of all humanity, and/or an avatar of revelation.
7 Make someone or something exactly as it wishes it was, and/or the kind of thing that sagas are written about. Make something such that merely being in its presence helps one to understand the world.
8 Turn an entire well-known and respected mythology into sober history or derided folk-tales. Make it so that an entire scientific field, paradigm, or way of life is now useless for understanding the world. Bring the gods down to earth.
9 Make it so that something will always have legends, tales, and whole mythologies fashioned around it. Such a miracle it might have been that ensured that even as the physical city sank into the waves, the legend of Atlantis would never be forgotten.
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