A list of articles, essays, and miscellaneous material for Nobilis.


Treasure - Collection of examples and thoughts on the Treasure attribute.

Imperial Miracles - Collection of examples and thoughts on Imperial Miracles.

Mortal Rules - Collection of examples and thoughts on mortal rules.

Lifepaths & Destiny - Notes in the intersection of Lifepaths and Destiny.

Hubris, Why & When? - Some thoughts on role of Hubris.

Aspect - Don't be fooled into thinking it's just "More Aspect = More Better!"

Miraculous Conflict - What are Auctoritas Magister, Miraculous Edge and Strike, anyway?

HG Advice

HG Advice - Collection of advice for the Hollyhock God from various people.

Example of Play - WORK IN PROGRESS

Alternate Rules

Persona Titles - Titles for the untitled new attribute.

Butterfly Symbology - Alternate domain and realm titles, a new type of noble-creating ymera, and notes on the Animated Flowers of Heaven and what they represent.

Geomancy - A niche Attribute dealing with Region properties and planar shenanigans.

Quests & Perks - A modified version of Chuubo's Quests & Perks intended to be used in lieu of 3e's Projects system.

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