Ashling Lifepath

Lotus Heart (Key I) - Key of the Descending Angel
Heart - My Power

  • Reality-Warper
  • Irreverent Prophet Through Dreams

Helchen Hadusind

  • Offers something truly unique and fascinating

Shadow - My Nature

  • Glorious
  • Set Apart
  • It's all…so overwhelming
  • The song is wild and powerful, and it fascinates me

Chamomile (Key X) - Key of Something Romantic

  • Heart - The Dream
  • Beloved Hero
  • Inspiring Legend

Aaliyah, Sultana of the Dreamsand Desert

  • Offers a future

Shadow - The Cost

  • Nightmare Raiders want to settle the Dreamsand Desert - and they want my blessing for it
  • Always on call for highclass Dreamsand Desert Diplomacy (…which usually means eating a lot of lunches)

Lotus Flower (Key I) + Chamomile (Key X)

  • Celebrated Prince of the Dreamsand Desert

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