Ashling No Name

Noble of Dreams
Dominus Somniis

Skills and Passions
Passion: I love showing off (4)
Skill: Diplomat (2)
Cool (2)
Shine (5)

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: I’m the Hero-Prince of Dreams! (5)
Bond: Seems I’m a diplomat, as well…yay? (1)
Affliction: Rules are really more of a mild suggestion, when it comes to me. (3)
Affliction: Helchen Hadusind has developed a crush on me (2)
Affliction: Aaliyah has romantic intentions for me (2)

Aspect 0
Domain 0
Persona 5

  • Dreams Are Not Real (2)
  • Dreams Can Change Lives (2)
  • Dreams Heal and Comfort (1)
  • Dreams Give Unique Insights (1)
  • Dreams Come From Anywhere (1)

Treasure 0

Dreamsand Sculpting (4)
Heroes’ Journey (same as Domain-based Flight, only Local and Automatic) (1 CP)
Aegis of the Dreamworld (same as Elusive, only Local) (1 CP)
Shapeshifter (All Estates) (3 CP)
Soul-Carving Sword (1 CP)

Looking vaguely like a young Caucasian man, with brown hair and chilling hazel eyes that are at odds with an easy smile often found on his face, Ashling is of average height, with a fit body that has been well taken care of, not a single scar on him or any sign of a harsh life to be found.
He prefers to wear expensive suits, austere and regal sable with a hint of white, in defiance to the heat that sometimes envelops the desert.

However, Ashling is a shapeshifter - just as easily as a dream can shift what happens, so too can Ashling change his own looks.
There are a few favorites he has taken to, beyond his normal, default appearance.

One is a massive dragon made out of molten lava, its wings the fires of the Wall, eclipsing even the tallest towers of the Chancel, his passing turning the Desert into glass, fires burning within its eyes that are bright enough to shame the sun.
Three times has he taken this form, and each of them has been a cataclysm.
Given his natural love of showing off, there is no question that he's incredibly fond of this form.

A second form he wears, when going on friendlier diplomatic visits outside the Chancel, is as someone with deep golden eyes, emeralds for teeth and a brass pin on his pure-white suit, of perfectly matching height to those he meets with (even if he has to change shape to keep it up).
This is mostly put on when he visits Chancels that are friendly to his own, that require some formal meeting.

And finally, a third form is looking as a man from the mediterrenean, quite tall and heavily muscled, wearing a hoodie on that is a brilliant crimson mixed together with night-black, managing to cover his eyes completely in shadows, only a brief golden gleam appearing from time to time, like a stalking panther hunting prey.
This is a form he takes when he goes out of the Chancel, to deliver warnings, or threats, as he does not like his real appearance to be associated with such things.

Ashling No-Name (or Ashling Nescio, when there's an absolute need to use a last name, mostly for diplomatic contacts with other Nobles, or envoys from - or into - foreign Chancels in general), whoever he might be now, wasn't always a hero.
No, before he caught the attention of their Imperator, he was a rather normal, everyday man.
More than that, his everyday life was ruined by a simple thing - he died, in his sleep.
But, rather than fall into Hell, or make an ultimately fruitless journey towards Heaven, his being fell into the sea of the collective unconscious.
From there, his Imperator snatched him up - and from his rising body leaving the sea, held in an Imperial hand, the Dreamsand Desert sprung up.

Coming to, the first thing Ashling - who had lost his name in that sea as Dreams had filled up where it had been - saw was a massive archipelago with golden sand.
And with it came raiders from the seas, moving as shadows: Ashling, acting almost by instinct, descended upon them, forcing them back.

And that was his first act as a Noble, and the cheer of the crowd as the enemy was pushed out was defeaning.
Naturally, with such a cheering crowd as one of the first acts, the quickly-rising nations around the Dreamsand Deserts have picked Ashling as an especially important guest for 'informal' dinner parties, for balls, for whatever celebration you could think of.
He's…adapted, sort of, and is now a regular feature in all diplomatic circles around the Dreamsand Desert.

A particular Sultanate within the Dreamsand has its ruler, an unmarried Sultana ruling one of the largest nations in the Archipelago with multiple other allied nations working under it and making up a group that has the most access to the sea of unconsciousness, as they control several large ports, taking an interest in him, something that he's starting to notice, even if he's not fully sure what the reason is.
Mostly because there is, regularly than in any other part, some sort of celebration there, or an invitation to diplomatic dinner, or something else of the sort that would lead to Ashling visiting.

Beyond that, he's a regular Noble - he's fought and ruined plans to attack his Estates, and even gone up against Excrucians themselves…even if he's starting to feel that there's something suspicious going on about that, since every time he does there's a young lady with blonde hair looking on, even if she never seems to actually do anything but look; she's never fought him directly, that much he knows.

Ashling Lifepath

Lifepath Generation
More Than Anything Else, Ashling is…Something Cool.
The Estate of Dreams is something from the…Light Side of Human Experience.
The Estate of Dreams is…something you can describe.
He lived a…Humble Life.
The Legacy of his Humble Life was…Transformation
His Contacts are Aaliyah, a Sultana of the Dreamsand Deserts and Helchen Hadusind, an Excrucian Deceiver.

  • Inspirational Love(r is what she wants to add): Aaliyah
  • Excrucian (though aiming for love): Helchen Hadusind

His Affiliation is The Wild.

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