Aura Of Chaos

(Major Destruction of Law [8], normal miracle [-2], local [-1], limited use [-2], uncommon [+1], 4 CP total)

Maliqe Ristani, the Power of Envy, has studied the properties of the universe to the degree that she can suspend them at her twisted will. With this Gift, she can negate a specific law within a zone extending around a mile around herself. If the law is a social or legal creation, mortals forget that it exists and will break it if it becomes desirable or convenient. (They don't become more immoral than they already were; they just stop considering the law as a deterrent.) The justice system is unable to prevent or punish such actions.

More often, however, the law she breaks is a physical one, such as gravity or friction, and it simply ceases to operate until she leaves the area or suspends the effect.

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