• Absolute Egocentricity
  • Justice
  • Autumnal god monster
  • The reason that angels warred and man disobeyed
  • "You have taken your eyes away from me after I held your stare."
  • "I [may/will be] returned to [the world/myself] in full once we have [lost/won]."
  • Whispers and rustling haunting the dreams of the carver who first set chisel to tablet
  • First among Wildlords

First among the Wildlords, Axio recalls the early days of Creation and says they were boring before he arrived. He considers himself somewhat as the animating life force of the universe, the eros and thanatos for the world. His gifts are of paper, fragile and easily torn, but sacrifice is among his other gifts, an ancient magic it takes proper understanding to do correctly. Taking many shapes but ultimately without one of his own, Axio lives to define his own desires, to see his own nightmares come to fruition. He is self sacrificing, egocentric but willing to risk it all for his wants and needs.

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