Azatha Magestis

Azatha Magestis, Regal of Space, Domina Spaccium

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 5 5 DMP 15CP
2 … Keeps everything separate.
2 … Is where things that happen happen.
2 … Mixes itself up with Time.
1 … Is much more complicated than it looks.
pDomain 4 - 4CP
The Test of Endlessness…
2 … Renders even the fantastic into monotony, tedium, and frustration.
2 … Steals meaning and purpose from everything.
2 … Stretches one out forever, leaving nothing of consequence.
1 … Never allows respite.
Persona 0 5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Skill: Superior Gardener (3)
Skill: Debate (3)
Skill: Strife (2)
Skill: Decisiveness (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I am a person and an entire universe, ageless and vast (3)
Affliction: I am at least partly of the Not and am at home in it (1)
Bond: I must be torn by divided loyalties (3)
Bond: I am driven to preserve the Special and Interesting (2)
Bond: I am driven to put things to the Test of Endlessness (1)
((3 left))


Focus: Pantagruel which is named Emptiness (3CP)
(Treasure 6 (6CP) / Simple Activation (-1CP) / Local (-1CP) / Handful of Uses ("Cut the Ephemeral") (-2CP) / Rare (1CP))

Gardener of Reality (1CP)
Azatha has the greenest of thumbs, allowing her to plant clippings and pieces of anything and grow it into a tree representing that thing. Rocks, dreams, seconds, planets, spirits, in the soil of Azatha’s garden all manner of seeds take root and grow with their leaves towards the blue sun.
(Persona 7 - Greater Enchantment of Seeds (7CP) / Normal Activation, 1 TMP (-2CP) / One Person or Thing (-2CP) / One Trick (-3CP) / Rare (1CP))

((2CP left))



When the Power Samasa Tamerlin, Viscount of Space, and the Warmain Allewyn Qartom, whose Test is Endlessness, clashed, their battle was so vast and impossible that none but they could witness it. Though ripples of their struggle could be felt even beyond the Weirding Wall, none could tell who had the upper hand, and when the battle ended and the ringing of Creation stopped, none could see who had won the day.

When the young woman entered the Chancel, it was clear that she was neither Samasa Tamerlin nor Allewyn Qartom, though many said she resembled both. Her eyes were plain white orbs like those of Samasa Tamerlin, her skin the burnished bronze of Allewyn Qartom, and inside her mouth was the endless star-lit void of an entire universe. Though it is unclear how such a thing could be possible, she announced herself as the Regal of Space and bowed low to the Nobles in attendance.

Azatha Magestis is born of mystery. And within her heart, the War between Being and Not Being rages still.

Life Path

  • Hollyhock (The Key of Something in the Balance): Azatha Magestis is a universe entire. Whether that universe will be an arc to preserve this one after some cataclysm, or an usurper cosmos, supplanting the old with the Creation of Azatha, even she does not know.
    • Heart (My Destiny)
      • becoming a universe
    • Shadow (My Struggles)
      • self-doubt
      • changing hurts
  • Vervain (The Key of Something Powerful): Being the union of Noble and Excrucian power, Azatha's command of Reality itself is frighteninly powerful. She is a Mover of Galaxies and Shaper of Space. She will put the whole cosmos to her Tests.
    • Heart (My Identity)
      • judge
    • Shadow (My Burdens)
      • bound by duty
      • set apart
  • More Than Anything Else, You Are… Epic, Inhuman, and Powerful: A universe crafted by Excrucian and Imperial magicks and given life, power, and the strengths of both. There is a war for supremacy between her two halves.
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Hollyhock
      • empowered by Reality and the Not/list]
  • Your Estate is From the… Beautiful Side of the World: Space is wondrous. Seemingly notional and empty, Space is beautifully complex to those who understand even a fraction of its truths.
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Vervain
      • my twin natures clash, I am torn between my Estate and my Tests
  • Your Estate is… Something You Can Describe: Space is the final frontier. It is a building block of the very fabric of the universe.
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Hollyhock
      • I have a duty to this universe, too.
  • You Lived an… Extraordinary Life: Born of battle and declared Regal with her first breath, Azatha is anything but ordinary.
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Vervain
      • I am not trusted by my Familia.
  • Contact - Followers: A cadre of mortal Mathematical Mystics, Cosmogenists, and Physicists
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Vervain
      • some look to the heavens and see me
  • Contact - Legacy: Azatha is not the first Power of Space, nor is she the first Excrucian to wield the Test of Endlessness. Ygird Tamerlin, heir of Space, is just one of the figures from the past that may return to vex her in one way or another.
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Hollyhock
      • I am sometimes haunted by the pasts of my progenitors
  • Contact - ?:
    • Strengthen the ? of the ?
      • ?l
  • What is Your Affiliation? A Light Song: Nothing can last forever, her Test shows that. Still she hunts for those things that CAN pass her Test.
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Vervain
      • driven to unmake in order to find that which cannot be unmade.

Domain Miracle Chart


0 (0MP) …
1 (0MP) …
2 (0MP) …
3 (0MP) …
4 (0MP) …
5 (0MP) …
6 (1MP) …
7 (2MP) …
8 (4MP) …
9 (4MP) …

The Test of Endlessness

0 (0MP) …
1 (0MP) …
2 (0MP) …
3 (0MP) …
4 (0MP) …
5 (1MP) …
6 (2MP) …
7 (4MP) …
8 (4MP) …
9 (8MP + 1 Wound) …

Persona Miracle Chart


0 (0MP) …
1 (1MP) …
2 (2MP) …
3 (4MP) …
4 (4MP) …
5 (8MP + 1 Wound) …
6 (8MP + 1 Wound) …
7 (8MP + 1 Wound) …
8 (8MP + 1 Wound) …
9 (NA) …
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