Black Omen

Chancel of World's End, Herald of the Four Riders

Annihilation Array
Difficulty 6 "Unleashing Miracles"
Automatic, Almost Anywhere
Flexible but Well-Defined
Uncommon, 6 Strike
14 CP (12 from Rust, 2 from Blue)

The Black Omen bristles with enormous siege weapons, missile launchers, energy cannons, and more exotic artillery. Like the crew, these armaments are things which stood up to the apocalypse in ages past, occasionally inconveniencing or even endangering individual Riders. Each individual artifact is easily a weapon of mass destruction in its own right, and there are hundreds of them, powered now by the combined miraculous will of the Riders and their Ymera. The Array can mortally wound Immortals, burn gaping holes in chancel boundaries, and lay suppressing fire on Imperators.

The Array is a world-ending and potentially god-slaying weapon capable of firing from one end of Creation to the other, if it absolutely must, with no energy or ammunition or cool-down requirement that has not already been fulfilled by its owners. It belongs to the familia as a whole. It is not the greatest destructive force available to the Four Horsemen, but it is likely somewhere among the top ten most threatening things in Creation.

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