Mean Everything to Nothing

Blake, Power of Night
Song of Heaven

Aspect 0
Domain 4
Persona 4

  • The Night is vast (2)
  • The Night Hides Things (2)
  • The Night invites to contemplation and wonder (1)
  • The Night brings out the true self (1)
  • The Night both brings and removes solitude. (1)

Treasure 0

Skill: Running my organization (3)
Skill: Mythology (2)
Skill: Humility (-1)
Passion: "Things will go as I say, come hell or high water" (3)
Cool (0)
Shine (4)

Whisper To Sweet Nothing

Bond: I'm a freakin' GOD! (5)
Bond: I'm a protective God of those beholden to me (1)
Affliction: Think you can take me down? Not a chance. (4)
Affliction: I’m the soulmate of an Excrucian Warmain, Teja Heimerich. (2)
Affliction: The Stars sing to me. (1)

Northern European look, with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, he's of average height with reasonably broad shoulders.
Most of the time, he's got a self-confident smile (rather, smirk might be a more appropriate word, but try telling him that) on his face, and a fierce look in his eyes - though the smile looks as if it can always easily disappear, replaced with a look of wrath at someone acting against him.
He enjoys wearing very expensive clothes, as a way of showing off his new status, with darkly polished shoes and with a sigil of Heaven pinned on his shirt.

Once, there was a man.
A rather ordinary man, in fact - albeit with a passion for mythology, inherited from his days of youth, when he'd read up on any he could.
Perhaps as an effort to hide from the mundanity of what life was like, even then.
Either way.
He went to an ordinary school, at an ordinary town.

He got a job, but never managed to find someone special to share his life with.
Every day, he would walk on grey streets, under grey skies.
He loathed the grey thing his life had become, loathed it more for every passing day.
He hated it, hates it still, to the point where he has made the whole world forget his whole name.

One day - night, rather, because Blake was given his position just as his work had ended - that changed.
An Angel appeared in his life.
A Throne was given to him to be seated upon, as the King of Night itself.

And as he took his seat, he heard singing, weird tunes that stormed into his soul.
He could not accept them all; who could?
As he heard them, he immediately shunned the song of something that would always be there even in his darkest moment - above all else, Blake loathes Hell, and the fact that they were there, in his worst moment.
The other songs he heard were discarded one after the other, until only the Angel's Song was left, and he embraced it tightly.

The intensity of what had happened that night, it reached inside others with a grand majesty, and Blake now had his very own cult, that he needed to look after, feeling for the group in a way he's not felt for many things, not since that time a puppy from his childhood died.
The Cult of the Night

Blake has taken to his new life as a Noble far better than most could ever say, deeply enjoying his position, his authority, his power.
Still, sometimes the Song of Heaven grows even louder, and in this moments, Blake looks upon the world, and wonders to himself; is this it?
Isn't there more?
Shouldn't there be more?

Domain Miracles of the Night

Persona Miracles of the Night

Treasure Miracles of Blake

Aspect Miracle Chart
0: Easily and smoothly command someone to follow your orders; it will look damn good, and will be productive as well as effective. (Passion 3 + miraculous Will 3 = Intention 6)
1: Same as above, plus it will be really effective, moving me a lot closer to my goals (Passion 4 + miraculous Will 3 = Intention 7)
2: Same as above, plus it will be really productive - it will make my life a lot better (Passion 5 + miraculous Will 3 = Intention 8)
3: Finish an action either a) Practically Instantly, b) at just the right time or c)just barely in time
4: Same as above, plus: Strength of a bear/Doubling in power (whichever is more); mental speed of computer ; senses as if enhanced by machinery

Blakes Lifepath

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