Nobody Expects The Spanish Altercation

Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport
Madrid, Spain
October 9, 2014
6:41 AM CET

"No." Gadgeteer said, facepalming. It was a good thing Powers didn't get tired in the same way humans did, because after a 10 hour flight it was starting to become apparent that Alex wasn't the easiest guy to work with.

Waiting for them at the airport arrivals zone was a pair of Lamborghini Aventador supercars – one in forest green and one in aquamarine – courtesy of a luxury car rental company. Since Gadgeteer obviously couldn't legally drive and they needed three seats in total, they needed exactly two of the ostentatious vehicles.

"I spent 200 grand on the deposit!" Alex told him.

"What?! That's even worse! We don't just have money to throw around!" Gadgeteer complained in exasperation.

"Speak for yourself, kid.” Alex said smugly. “Besides, we can't back out now!" Alex insisted.

"Does Feeney even know how to drive?!" Gadgeteer asked. “Does Feeney even have feet?!”

"You don't.” Alex told him bluntly.

“I have feet!” Gadgeteer exclaimed.

“I mean, you don't know how to drive." Alex reminded him.

“Shows what you know! I drove semi-trucks and flew quadcopters on a regular basis in my 'old life'.” Gadgeteer said, annoyed. “Illegally, but in that world Kids never grew up anyway, so stuff it.”

"That's it? You're just annoyed because the police would have a fit if they caught you at the wheel?"

"I just think we should try to blend in more. Also, a car that can drive off-road wouldn't hurt." Gadgeteer defended.

They got into the cars regardless, the clock on the high-tech dashboard placing the current time at 6:44 AM CEST. Gadgeteer hopped in with Feeney and as the two cars zipped away from the curb to begin the trip to Iniesta, the scarecrow was already asking the cartoon boy how to work the GPS.

“How can you not know this? It's so simple!” Gadgeteer said, setting their destination and then fiddling with the various settings like the satellite radio and the GPS voice.

Ayuntamiento de Iniesta
Iniesta, Cuenca, Spain
October 9, 2014
8:56 AM CET

A little over two hours later, they arrived at the small town and parked their cars on the side of the road in front of city hall to begin scoping out the town.

“Okay, so here's the plan.” Alex began.

Gadgeteer was having none of that. “I already have enough trouble with Rau. You're not the boss of me!”

“Look kid, do you want to save your Estate or not?! Because we can either go in clueless and get our asses handed to us, or we can use strategy!”

“You're a video game developer! What do you know about strategy?” Gadgeter said angrily. “I at least led a couple teammates through missions!”

Alex tried to answer that, only to realize the boy had a point. Even his business strategies were not exactly useful on the battlefield.

“You do both realize that we have more subtle ways of finding out information?” Feeney said, reminding them of their abilities as Powers. “The Sight? We talked about it on the plane?”

“Right.” Gadgeteer said and focused, the world blurring around him. A few things, however, were actually sharper than normal. The girl playing Pokémon Y in a car as it passed by. The lone basketball in the nearby playground. A couple of stray puppies playing tug-o-war with an old dishcloth.

Nothing of note, though. Gadgeteer activated his B.A.K.P.A.K. and with the power of two blowdryers he took to the skies.

As he surveyed the area, little of note could be seen at 9 in the morning. Suddenly, a cry for help reached his ears from one of the winding streets of the ancient core of the town, despite the majority of sounds being muffled by the Sight. He dove towards it and landed on one of the buildings making up the sides for the alley, then peered carefully over the edge to see what was going on.

A girl holding a stuffed rabbit had been backed into a corner by an imposing figure. The person emanated the aura of a force that made Krystal Meth's corrupting Narcotics look tame by comparison. This here could only be one thing…. The Power of Sadism.

Gadgeteer had to admit he didn't know what to do. If he didn't act now the girl could get hurt, but if he tried to intervene then he would have to take on a powerful opponent.

“Look what we have here…” the Power of Sadism said to the girl. “Didn't your parents ever tell you not to wander off alone?” he taunted, extending a set of steel claws from his gauntlet.

That was the last straw. Gadgeteer instinctively activated the G.A.T.L.I.I.N.G. in his B.A.K.P.A.K. to fire on the offending Power, and no sooner had the 'toy' minigun emerged a half-dozen darts hit the foe square on the back of the head.

The Power turned around, revealing his face to be covered with a jester mask. “Well, then. Look who finally showed up to the party.” the not-so-noble Noble said, extending the steel claws from his other gauntlet and crossing them in front of him.

Gadgeteer's heart sunk. It was a trap. There was only one hope he had. “Leave her alone. This is between you and me.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.” the masked menace said. “How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Remus Nosferatus, Power of Sadism, connoisseur of wicked tastes, and fiend of the night.”

“Save it. I'm going to get to the bottom of this, and I won't let you hurt anyone else while I'm at it.” Gadgeteer said angrily.

“With a pair of toy guns?” Remus said, momentarily retracting his right claw and wagging his index finger as if to say 'tsk-tsk'.

“Not Your Regular Foam.” Gadgeteer smiled. Suddenly the foam dart puffed up like a balloon, enveloping Remus' head. “Run!” Gadgeteer said to the girl, knowing that in the Kidpunk RPG the material never did much other than impede vision for a few seconds while the victim pulled it off.

The girl was gone in seconds, running home scared out of her mind. Gadgeteer made a point of shooting a couple more darts onto Remus' face to prolong the inevitable. Or so he thought.

Remus retracted his claws and began grabbing at the foam in an attempt to remove it, however this merely got his hands trapped inside the foam as well. He started to struggle a little less hard, then collapsed to his knees and then finally to the ground. Remus continued to twitch for quite some time, and seemed to have lost consciousness. Finally all signs of life left the former noble.

“I-” Gadgeteer said, shaking in shock.

“Kid!” a voice said. “Kid, snap out of it!”

“What- why- who-” Gadgeteer sputtered in a panic.

“We've got to get out of here!” Alex said. “That girl you saved got her parents to call the cops!”

“I- the cat- got the salad-” Gadgeteer said in confusion, following them away from the scene of the crime.

“First I've got to take care of something…” Alex said, and shoved his hand straight into Remus' still chest, then pulled out the blood-covered heart and pocketed it. If anyone ate this thing - as gruesome as that would be - they would become the new Power of Sadism, which wasn't a good outcome.

Once they were far enough away, they sat down on the pavement, their backs propped against a wall. Gadgeteer shook his head and snapped out of it. “I didn't mean it… I just wanted him to leave her alone…”

“The guy who attacked your estate? Didn't you know?” Alex said, and pulled out a newspaper, with the headline La Policía Solicita Ayuda Pública Para Encontrar Asesino En Serie displayed on the front page. “He's been playing with the lives of his victims, and you do not want to know the sadistic shit he did to them. That freak has been at this for only a couple days and already the bodies were mounting. No wonder it counted as an attack on your Estate.”

“But I… I never wanted to kill anyone! It shouldn't even be-” Gadgeteer said, distressed. “That's it, isn't it? How this 'real world' is so different from the world of my fictional memories. People can… die…” he sobbed, shaking anxiously.

“I don't know what to say, but you've got a responsibility now. It doesn't matter if people die while you try to save your Estate, as long as you don't fail.” Alex grumbled, knowing that he'd probably have to eat those words at some point.

Feeney showed up carrying a map of some sort. “I broke into the Police Station and found something…” he said, unrolling a map. It had been marked with the locations where Remus - or 'El Asesino con Garras' as it was labelled on the map in Spanish - had dumped the bodies of several men and women during his short killing spree. Several of the marks were clustered together around a point along a road through the Spanish countryside leading from Iniesta to the west, indicating that the spot was probably important. With Remus already dispatched, however, there was not much point in investigating further.

“Let's return to the cars then.” Alex said and stood up. “You okay, kid?”

“…yeah.” Gadgeteer said reluctantly, and sat up to follow them.

When they arrived at the location where they left the vehicles, the words 'Insert Lambo Here' appeared in the BOGGLES' HUD in comical fashion with an outline of the vehicle. “Uh, Alex?”

“Kid, where are our cars?” Alex asked him.

“I thought you knew!” Gadgeteer asked.

“Isn't that them over there?” Feeney interjected, pointing at a tow truck carrying their rental cars down the street.

“MotherFUCKER!” Alex yelled.

Gadgeteer frowned. “I told you renting supercars was a bad idea! But did you listen?! No!”

“No time! After that truck!” Alex said.

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