Blue Westmoreland

Blue Westmoreland, Rider of Death, Domina Mortis

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 2 5 DMP 6CP
2 …comes for everyone someday
1 …does not judge
1 …can come at any place or any time
1 …is the ultimate authority
1 …can be stalled but never stopped
1 …brings relief, really, when you get right down to it
Persona 3 5 PMP 9CP
Treasure 5 5 TMP 15CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Practicality (3)
Skill: Sarcasm (2)
Cool (3)
Shine (3)

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Affliction: Those Who Know the Trick of It Can Summon and Bind Me (1)
  • Affliction: A Secret Blasphemy About the Nature of Life and Death Lives in My Heart (3)
  • Affliction: I Can Touch Your Soul and Pull it From You (1)
  • Bond: I have to try and retain my humanity! (3)
    • Mundane Anchor: A Black Cat named Bucket - to Do Whatever it is that Cats Do
  • Bond: I won’t be having with any of this nonsense! (2)
    • Mundane Anchor: My Music Player - to Keep Me Grounded
  • Bond: I have responsibilities to the Universe (2)
    • Wondrous Anchor: The Deluminated Brotherhood of Namtar (The Psychopomp's Guild) - to Guide Me and Maintain My Estate
  • Bond: I Love to Ride, Who Knew? (1)
    • Mundane Anchor: A Pale Horse - to Carry Me Where I Wish to Go
  • Bond: I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds (1)
    • Wondrous Anchor: A Weapon That Can Become Any Weapon - to Wound Anything
  • Bond: I Must Be Drawn into Unexpected Emotional Closeness with Mortals (1)
    • Wondrous Anchor: A Library Where All of the Lives of the Living Are Recorded - to Show Me Windows into the World
  • Bond: I Must Be the Mistress of Monsters (1)
    • Miraculous Anchor: The True Gods of the Moment Before - to Be Great Leviathans Unleashed to Render Worlds to Dust
  • Bond: I Must Be Constantly Surprised by My New State (1)
    • Wondrous Anchor: The Sorceries of my Mother, Inherited - to Create Bizarre Out-of-Theme Arcane Effects
  • Bond: TBD (1)
    • ?? Anchor: ?? - ??


A Business Eye (1CP)
A lesser destruction of falsehood that allows Blue’s sight to peel away lies/illusions and show her how things truly are. Allows her to see what’s actually there.
(Domain 5 / Simple Miracle, 0/ Local / A handful of applications [Seeing through lies, dissemblings, magical veils, etc])

So Real You Don’t Even See Her (1CP)
A greater emulation of ghosts, allowing Blue (and her Horse) to become invisible, intangible, float, or do a small number of other ghostly things, at her discretion.
(Persona 6 / Simple Miracle, 0MP / Self+1 Only / A handful of applications [Turning invisible, turning intangible, floating])

All Men Try to Fight Death… (4CP)
An Aspect miracle of unstoppable power with the skill "Warrior" makes it so that fighting Blue is as futile as fighting the Estate of Death itself.
(Aspect 7 (Skill: Warrior) / Simple Miracle, 0MP / Local / A Focused, Task-Oriented Package of Abilities)

Time is Like an Overcoat, Sometimes You Just Want to Take it Off and Go Out (2CP)
A lesser motion of Time that allows Blue, to move, alter, and even stop time for herself.
(Domain 6 / Simple Miracle, 0MP / Self Only / A large, flexible subset thereof, but missing some obvious utility) / Rare)

2CP Donated to the //Chancel Offensive Powers Fund



Life Path

  • Oak (The Key of Something That Hasn't Changed):
    • Heart (My Identity)
      • pragmatic/realist/cynic
    • Shadow (Crisis)
      • -
  • Acacia (The Key of Something that Must be Hidden):
    • Heart (A Dangerous Secret)
      • A Lie about the place of Death and Life in the world
    • Shadow (… That Hurts to Keep)
      • painful silence
      • set apart
  • More Than Anything Else, You Are… Something Cool:
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Oak
      • can see through deception and is bigger than life
  • Your Estate is From the… Painful Side of the World:
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Oak
      • in charge of a phenomenal amount of ridiculous and import spiritual power
  • Your Estate is… Something You Live:
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Acacia
      • My power and my heart are tied to my Lie
  • You Lived a… Humble Life:
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Oak
      • I lived a life that taught me not to believe the pleasing stories people tell you… Even though sometimes they are true.
  • The Legacy of My Humble Life is… Transformation:
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Oak
      • everything is trying to make me weird and crazy
  • I am Only Sort of Human:
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Oak
      • Child of an Imperator/Mimic and a mortal
  • Contact - Mortal Friends and Family:
    • Strengthen the Heart of the Oak
      • I have a dad and a cat… What more can I need?
  • Contact -Aliens:
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Oak
      • head of the Psychopomps' Guild
  • What is Your Affiliation? A Dark Song:
    • Strengthen the Shadow of the Acacia
      • its hard enough being human without "gods" around

Domain Miracle Chart


Persona Miracle Chart

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