Bogud Numidia

Excrucian Deceiver, Nothissattva

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Persona 5 5 PMP 15CP
The Eyes of Bogud Numidia
…are how Bogud Numidia sees.
…are portals to a Far and Sunless Land.
…see it all, unclouded.
…draw you in, inexorably.
…are full of stars.
…are quite fetching, really.
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP

Passion and Skills

Skill: Watching )3)
Skill: Disdain (3)
Skill: Truth (2)
Skill: Knitting (0)
Skill: Deceit (-1)
Cool (0)
Shine (5)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I have a pet bird, how did this happen? (1)
- Anchor: Slalom Ophanim, my talking, night-eyed blackbird
Bond: There's no place like home (2)
- Anchor: A sealed and hidden home behind my eyes in a Far and Sunless Land
Bond: I must acknowledge the Reality of people (3)
- Anchor: Madeline Abelaird, Excrucian-in-Waiting
Bond: I am on a mission of Truth (3)
Affliction: I can pull copies of things (but not people) I've seen out of my eyes (1)
Affliction: As long as my eyes remain in the world, so do I (3)




Life Path


Water Lily(The Key of Something Spiritual):  Bogud Numidia came from the Outside, from the Lands Beyond, from a Far and Sunless Land, to bring about the dissolution of the Lie.  In her eyes she carried Truth, and all eyes would be her eyes, and the world would be stripped bare of the Lies… and all things, knowing what they must know, would go willingly back to the Not.  This was her purpose, she was the Saint of Truth, a Bodhisattva dedicated to Banishing Mara, as all Bodhisattva’s sought to do.

Bilberry(The Key of the Fallen):  When she looked upon Creation for the first time and made ready to unmake it, Bogud Numidia was struck by a harsh and unwanted truth.  People, entities, souls, beings… they were Real.  The mantra of the Deceivers is that in a Far and Sunless Land there is a True Thing, and all of the world is a Lie.  But the eyes of Bogud Numidia saw that this was not the case, that the world held it’s own Truths.  And in this way she was broken, a fallen bodhisattva whose path was no longer clear.

Foundation:You are… So Full of Feelings for Them
Bogud Numidia is torn.  Every thing she looks at in the world she disapproves of, but she also acknowledges the people of the world.  Those people that she disapproves of so… they are real.  She is locked in a glass box of emotions.

The Eyes of Bogud Numidia are…// A Sorrowful Thing//
Bogud Numidia’s eyes show are a way of seeing the world.  They show you things you didn’t want to know and serve as doors to places strange and alien.

The Eyes of Bogud Numidia are…// Possessive//
They belong to Bogud Numidia.  To become the Eyes of Bogud Numidia is to become a part of her, to experience the world as she does.

You Were Born Out of… Will/Choice/Judgment
Bogud Numidia was born, adrift, in a sea of lies.  She is self-created out of deception, a spontaneously generated beacon against untruth.  To think she was ever less than that — a girl whose whole terrible world was upended and revealed as comforting fiction — is foolish hoping.

You Plan to…Pay a Social Call or Two
Bogud Numidia is on a mission of truth, trying to enlighten individuals to reality’s true nature with her eyes.  She is trying to share her vision with those who can help spread the word.  She shares her eyes with mortals…  but the Powers and Imperators are her true targets.

If Your Plan Fails, You’ll Resort to …Threats
Bogud has an ace up her sleeve, though she is not sure if she has the will to use it.  With an act of will, she can open the eyes of all of the world at once.  As the sun becomes a sucking hole to a Far and Sunless Land, the mortals of the Prosaic World, unprepared for unexpected revelation, will shatter, dementia animus consuming them even as the world is consumed.  It’s…  It’s a scary plan.
… A Pet
Bogud Numidia has a pet bird, Slalom Ophanim, whose eyes are her eyes.  It is intelligent, though not very.  She’s not at all sure how she ended up with it (she disapproves of birds, obviously)… or why she keeps it, but she does.  

… A Kid Sidekick
Bogud thought the bird was bad?  Having given seventeen year-old Philosophy major Madeline Abelaird of Des Moines, Iowa a taste of Truth, Bogud now finds herself seemingly unable to rid herself of the young woman.  Madeleine says she is going to study hard so that she can grow up to be a Rider like Bogud.  Bogud can’t even begin to form the thoughts necessary to explain what is wrong with that idea.

…Friends From Home
In a Far and Sunless Land there is a Bleak Embassy.  The Ambassadors of the Bleak Embassy look upon Bogud Numidia as a rogue element.  She should have done what she was expected to do, by now.  She should have shown the world the Truth (all consuming madness or not) and then sat back and waited for it to simply dissolve away.  That she hasn’t is… disturbing.

Territory: A Cool Territory in the Lands Beyond Creation
The Eyes of Bogud Numidia are a portal to the Outside and through that Portal Bogud can reach a place of falling stars and glass that she alone calls home.

I’m Going to Break the World… If I have to I Guess?
I think it’s clear by this point that Bogud is deeply conflicted about her role as a Deceiver.  At this point, she’s leaning more towards destroying the world than not doing so… but only just.  And only in the most humane way possible.

Second Skins

Chu Mei Tupia Osorio, Excrucian Strategist

Aspect 0 8 AMP
Treasure 0 8 TMP


The Hand of Destruction (World Breakers Hand)
The Hand of Night (Creation of Night, Local, Simple, full flexibility)
The Hand that Seeks (Lightning Reflexes)
The Hand that Enters (Gatemaker, 5 Strike)
The Hand that Pours (Weaving Destiny with the jug of sunken dreams, Local, Handful of Tricks [only functions for Weaving Destiny, Simple])
The Hand that Dances (Aspect 6 Dancing, Self Only, simple, Handful of Uses)
The Hand that Stands (Emulation 6 of Immovable Object, Simple, One trick, Self)
The Hand that Catches (Automatic Aspect 8 of Catching, One Trick, Self)
The Hand that Holds (Soul Carving Sword)

Passions and Skills

Skill: Superior Speak Nothing (5)
Skill: Dancing (3)
Skill: Inspire Awe (2)
Skill: Flee (-1)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: To Every Hand a Purpose (3)
Bond: The Jug of Sunken Dreams Spills forth Misery that is Creation upon itself (3)
Affliction: Banality is Destruction to Me (5)
Affliction: My Boundless Hate is met in Kind (2)


For every 2 MP that Chu Mei Tupia Osorio loses (note, no Gifts cost MP for her, though Strike would), Chu Mei Tupia Orsio loses one of her arms, and with it one of her gifts. This applies only to her MP, so the PMP of the Deceiver is safe enough to spend.

Carolina Rutherford,Power of Puppetry

Aspect 0 5 AMP
Domain 3 5 DMP
…is a performance art.
…is manipulation in real time.
…uses puppets.
Persona 0 5 PMP
Treasure 5 5 TMP



Passions and Skills

Skill: Barista (2)
Skill: Manipulate those around me (5)
Passion: Power (1)
Passion: Give a shit about customers (-2)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: Dance, Puppets, Dance! (3)
Bond: Sarcasm will defend me! (2)
Bond: Being phased is for noobs. (2)
Bond: Mr. Punch will take care of my problems (3)
Bond: My friends and family will always be there for me, and I for them (3)
Affliction: I am a puppet, and I know not who holds my strings (5)

Bhekimpi Tumbumuzi

Aspect 5 5 AMP
Domain 0 5 DMP
…is paper folding.
…is an art.
…reconfigures the bland into the incredible.
…is impressive.
…requires precision and care.
…is a good way to pass the time.
Persona 0 5 PMP
Treasure 0 5 TMP



The One Thousand Crane Technique
(Treasure 9 / Hard -3 / One Trick -3 / Local -1 / Uncommon +1)
This technique affects a thousand freshly made paper cranes (make them yourself), and beseeches a single wish of them. They will make it so, as an Imperial Miracle. This is extremely powerful, but unpredictable in length of time and how they shall interpret the wish.

Strength of Paper
(Domain 6 Greater Preservation / Simple -1 / One Target -2 / One Trick -3)
Makes a paper object impossibly strong and durable.

Passions and Skills

Skill: Superior Paper Combat (5)
Passion: I will make the dull world beautiful (3)
Cool (5)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: My paper tigers are deceptively dangerous (2)
Bond: My skill with paper folding can make anything (1)
Affliction: I am secretly made of folded paper. (3)

Persona Miracle Chart

0 The Sight: See whether someone has ever had your eyes; See whether some thing has ever been disapproved of by your eyes; See if something has ever traveled to a Far and Sunless Land. 0MP
1 Blessing/Curse: 0MP
2 Lesser Incarnation: 0MP
3 Lesser Emulation: 0MP
4 Lesser Enchantment: 0MP
5 Lesser Sacrifice/Greater Incarnation: 0MP
6 Lesser Binding/Greater Emulation: 1MP
7 Greater Enchantment: 2MP
8 Greater Sacrifice: 4MP
9 Binding: 4MP
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