Ganon, Regal of Power


Aspect 0 (5 AMPs)
Domain 5 (5 DMPs)
Persona 0 (5 PMPs)
Treasure 1 (5 TMPs)

Passions and Skills

Passion: …I love to subjugate them 3

Skill: …Sorcerer 2

Superior Quality …Giant monster 3

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: Dark and terrible things serve me 1 Anchor - Ganon's shadow
Bond: My might is unmatched 4
Bond: I must crush them beneath my booted heels! 3

Affliction: I sow the seeds of my own downfall 4
Affliction: I am too frightening to oppose 2

Estate Description

Power is, at its core, the capacity to exert a meaningful influence over one's environment.

Estate Properties

…can be put to any purpose 1
…justifies itself 1
…hurts more to lose than never to have had 1
…invites its use 1
…cannot be ignored 1
…changes you 1
…is terribly unfair 1


Shapeshifting - Assume any human(ish) form
Power to Destroy - Ganon's ridiculous strength allows him to wreck up pretty much anything imaginable.
Aspect 7 (Skill: Destroyer), Standard Action, Local, Focused and task-oriented package of abilities, Uncommon


Ganon naturally looks very much like an Ogre, except bigger, uglier, and more pig-like. He smells better, at least! Usually, however, he is encountered in the form of a tall, thickly muscled human(-like) man with fiery hair and a well-trimmed beard. In this form he styles his dress after a high-ranking military officer, or a somber, conservative ruler depending on the situation he finds himself in. If it weren't for his near-perpetual sneer, or his avaricious and terribly hostile stare, he could almost be considered handsome!


Ganon was plucked right out of the Legend of Zelda game-line. All of it. This means that his history is rather jumbled. Ultimately, the current Power of Power comes from a past of abysmal failures in a series of megalomaniacal bids to conquer and rule over as a god-king the completely fictional land of Hyrule. Neither his failures there, nor being introduced to the wider world of first reality, and then Creation, has diminished his aspirations. Far from it. Knowing that it was merely a narrative assuring him of defeat each time has made Ganon even more hopeful and aggressive in his pursuit of absolute dominion of Creation than he ever was in the past! Sadly, Creation has a narrative, too…


Ganon has the Keys of Aconite and Alyssym

More than Anything Else, You Are… Epic, Inhuman, and Powerful
Ganon is all about Power. He lives it, loves it, and abuses it with a wild abandon. In this, the world beyond the one he's always known, he strives to exert his power over everything, as he has always done and, perhaps, always will.

Your Estate is From the… Beautiful Side of the World
Any way you slice it, Power is a good and necessary thing. That it is used by some, including its current master, for cruelty and destruction makes little difference to what it is.

Your Estate is… Something You Can Describe
Power is a capacity to exert meaningful influence over one's environment. That the Estate is so easy-going gives Ganon a measure of trouble, since he was really expecting absolute power, rather than this wishy-washy whatever power. He's going to work on that.

You Lived a… Troubled Life
No matter how hard he tried, and as far back as he can remember, Ganon has been stymied. Bending the people to his will. Damning his enemies to wandering in the ruins of their once-idyllic lives. Enslaving the very heavens and lording his might over all things for all time. All of it was always, somehow, just out of reach, and the closer he would come, the more sure his doom approached in the shape of some plucky mute in a stupid toque.

The Legacy of Your Troubled Life is… It's All Happening Again!
It looks as though, somehow, taking his old values into this new world has placed doom on Ganon's heels yet again. Will he never rule over all of Creation as a mighty and unstoppable Tyrant-God, toying with the pitiful things that seek to eke out some sort of happy existence under his monstrous rule?

She's still there. She's still helpless to stop him. She's still immune to his efforts to be rid of her, and she is still looking down on his efforts with her accursed confidence that things will not go his way. Ganon thinks he might hate the princess more than he ever hated the hero.

They are abundant, are the ones who would throw in their lot with a 'man' bent on overthrowing and subjugating all the powers that be in Creation. He puts up with them, even gives them a chance to prove that they're useful. Somehow, he feels a little responsible for his subordinates. It is a quaint, 'people person' touch that has allowed him to seem like less of a monster on occasion.

Your Affiliation is… An Independent Song
None of those songs contained the one, most important element: that Ganon should stand atop the world. His is a simple song. He shall dominate all, and make sure they know that it is his will that they so much as breathe, and bring shame and torment upon his enemies.

Domain Miracle Chart

Level 0: know when Power is threatened;

Level 1: provide a taste of power;
…grant, briefly, the power to accomplish something relatively minor;
…grant the power to briefly accomplish something;

Level 2: find out the details of some instance of Power;
…commune with the spirits associated with Power;

Level 3: strengthen some power;
…protect some power against something that opposes or prevents it from acting;
…broaden the applicability of some power;

Level 4: put a power to use;
…provide power to something;

Level 5: strip a power from something;
…spy on all manner of things through Power;

Level 6: declare that some power always harms everything associated with it;
…make it so that when an individual uses power, they invariably attract chocolate;
…change who it is that possesses (and possessed) some power;
…dramatically enhance or protect some power;

Level 7: give rise to mighty, vast powers;

Level 8: delete similarly impressive power;

Level 9: do practically anything imaginable, so long as it relates at least tangentially to Power.

Persona Miracle Chart

Level 0: recognize things with a strong connection to Power;

Level 1: make an old, unreliable appliance more inviting to use, possibly more so than a fully-functional new one;
cause a particular garment to change you a bit more, whatever that means;
remove some amount of the quality of Power from something;

Level 2: spend a scene as some power;

Level 3: declare that I am terribly unfair;
declare that I cannot be ignored;
declare that I hurt more to lose than never to have had;

Level 4: enable very nearly anything to justify itself;
allow a rubber band to be put to any purpose;
make a scavenged couch into power, although Heaven knows what that would mean;

Level 5: evict some power from the Estate, turning it into who knows what;
remove the quality of being terribly unfair from something, for some reason;
stop a person from changing you, thus making all interactions with them total non-events;
incarnate in reams of instances of Power across Creation, or a very few really impressive ones;

Level 6: transform something into a slave to Power;
cause something to be a pariah to Power;
declare myself so self-justifying that no one will even entertain the notion of questioning my actions;

Level 7: make it so that clocks change dogs every hour, on the hour, into different dogs;

Level 8: make it so that duct tape cannot be put to any use, thereby ruining many popular TV shows.

Level 9: make Power the only important factor in all human interactions.


Ganon's shadow is, after years of being abused in sorcerous acts, a living thing. It is a Wondrous Anchor with the power to become a very much physical thing, as well. It is technically independent of Ganon, and would usually prefer to go about its own life, but he's quite cruel and keeps it pinned to him more often than not.

Mortal Magic

Skill: Sorcerer is about the manipulation of fire and shadow. As with all magical skills, little is explicitly impossible for it, but it is at these things it is best.

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