Midna Taranis Pc Imperator

Midna & Taranis
Imperator of Time, Thresholds, Electricity, Power and Writer's Block

Midna is a Darklord through and through. She really wants to get all the humans killed, honest! I mean, it's her job right? She's totally evil, says so right here on the business card. Unfortunately she couldn't predict just how adorable these humans can be. Even cuter than kittens. Doesn't really help that she basically looks like a little girl and is terribly shy and has basically no self-confidence at all. The way too long dark overlord robe doesn't really make her any more imposing, so most of the time she is just trying to get people do what she wants by looking moe.
Fortunately she has a bunch of Powers to boss around, so she is usually seen sitting on the back of one of them.

Taranis is a Lightlord through and through. He is capable and willing to save the human race from self-destruction! Everything is planned out perfectly and the numbers - of course - add up. Well, most of the time. You see, he couldn't really predict that humans are so… annoying when he started this job. But hey, accidents happen. Kind of all the time, but it's so hard to be the light guiding these poor fools. He is just as small as Midna, looks like a five-year-old boy in way too big white robes and is just as insecure. Though he copes with this differently, shrouding himself in sarcasm and hamming it up as much as possible.
Of course, he also has the Powers who are in the unfortunate situation to be subjected to his whims.

Exactly which power is whose is something that quite a lot of questions have been asked about. Theories include such gems as:

  • All Powers are hers, but she's to shy to let him stop bossing them around.
  • All Powers are his, and he keeps her around because she's better at saving people, and that is, after all, his job.
  • The Powers are really divided between the two (whose are whose changes by individual telling the story) and they're stuck together due to some strange affection.
  • Neither of them actually got their shit together enough to make Powers, and some lazy Serpent let them handle its powers.
  • They somehow count as one Imperator. It's the whole psychomachia thing, after all.
  • He and she are the same being at different points in time. Or from different timelines. Or… something.

- by Insertname

Midna Taranis
Magister of the Dark Magister of the Light
choices idealistic
hungers soulless
really wants to kill the humans, but they are so… adorable! really wants to safe the humans, but they are so… annoying!
terribly low self-esteem
easy to bribe
always acts through their powers
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