Paradox (power of time)

Paradox is an actual. I came into being when I went back in time and brought myself into being. My propose is to resolve paradoxes caused by time travel. When I first came into existence I was not a thinking force the way that I would resolve paradoxes was just to retcon out of existence everyone and everything involved until there was not more paradox. Thinking back on that I am glad that no one can remember that not that it is not effective, but it's just so sloppy.
Now a days I try and solve paradoxes in a more subtle manner. If someone goes back in time and kill his grandfather I will have a clone made of his grandfather and arrange things so that he will kill it instead. Usually then if practical I will try and take away the irresponsible idiot's ability to mess with time and his memory of the incident. I didn't alway have to do all the work myself. A long time ago I made a institution called the time lords, but they were destroyed in the last time war.

There are many incorrect ideas about time travel that the Excrucians spread around.
*Fallacious Multiverse: This theory is that if someone goes back in time and changes something they create a new universe with the new changes. This is sort of true. If someone goes back in time and creates such a paradox the timeline rips and a fractured time line is torn from it if this is allow go unchecked it will eventually destroy time.

*Fallacious Self-Repairing Universe
The best example of this in the harry potter series with the time turner. When someone goes back in time things will just work out. What happened stays happened and it was always like that. People think that if they go back in time they won't be able to cause a paradox because "Events will conspire against you". This not true events don't conspire I do. When someone tries to cause a paradox I have to see to it that it does not happen.

There is some jargon that makes speaking about time travel easier. It is not that hard.
Yet: a persons own personal future.
Age: a persons own personal past.
Downwards: time travel going closer to the beginning of creation.
Upwards: time travel away from the beginning of creation.

superior Knowledge of temporal Mechanics 5
superior Impersonation 3

…makes sense 2
….lets things happen 2
….separates events 2
….is complicated 1

+2 mp

Aspect 0
persiona 0
Domain 5
Treasure 1

my future self helps me out when I am in trouble 3
I have to keep the timeline organized 5
I have a lot of future tech 1 (anchor:All the cool science stuff the people of the chancel make)

It is everyones duty to help protect the timeline 1
I can't be stopped from doing my duty 3

Personal time travel
lv.6+auto+self only+One trick+uncommon
6 +1 -3 -3 +1 =2

I consume and absorb all
Greater emulation of Actuals lv.6 +Simple+Self Only +Comprehensive +Common (at least among actuals)

How I mastered my estate

How I brought my self into existance

How I remade the time lords

Domain miracle chart
*I'll get to it

Vervain (Key II)
Key of Something Powerful
*Lord of Time

*bound by duty
*set apart

Star of Bethlehem (Key VII)
Key of Something, Changed Forever

How it changed the world
*time makes sense

I am something Epic, Inhuman, and Powerful
Time is something you can describe (Time is sort of in it's own category)

There was no time that I was not the power of time
I have a long long Legacy (I am many times older than creation)

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