Paradox projects:
How I mastered my estate
Victory: I saved hitler from assassination (again) 3
Victory: I made sure Gannon invited me preventing paradox 3
How I brought my self into existance:

How I remade the time lords

Ganon projects:

How I ushered in a new golden age for Nintendo through my schemes to bring it to its knees
"I set a powerful rival against them" (victory / 3)

How my dominion over Earth was overthrown, leading to a stronger and more unified defense of it
"Lord Entropy's Nobles derided me for my ambitions" (Failure / 5)

How I summoned the Hero in my efforts to be rid of the Princess once and for all

How I learned to put all the fools under my Power
"I somehow messed this up with my tailor" (Failure / 5)

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