Togrul Ad Urgalash

When houses first appeared thousands of years ago, so too did doors, but at first they had no master. As often as not, they'd join the wrong places, or simply open into the not. It was not until Zekkardôsh, God King of Nekhetbärkand petitioned the Thousand Spirit of the Five Winds that Togrul, who waited at cross roads and on the beach at high and low tides was given charge of the doors.
For his part, Togrul was perfectly happy at the crossroads, making deals and eating the souls of unwary travellers at midnight. As Power of Thresholds, he could not take the souls of everyone who went through doors, but at least he could still recieve his due from the cross roads and he could still make pacts and so consented. In time, tired of the Excrucian War and wishing for the simple life of the daemon of the Crossroads, Togrul found that that life no longer existed, having been eliminated by Science. Togrul has a problem, particularly since he is fond of Dr Yo-yo and has there is no way Togrul will be made into a simple pact spirit in the cityback.

Oak: Key of Something that hasn't changed
My identity:
Daemon of the Crossroads
Never quite there
Bit player in reality
Afraid to move on

Aconite: Key of Rage
Togrul's Rage:
No options
At a crossroads
Made a devil's deal
What let's me oppose it:
I'm better off now

Epic Inhuman and Powerful
Thresholds are Something you can Describe
I lived a Blessed LifeAnger
Nemesis: Gorugul, Daemon of fractions, now the Power of the Number Four
Mystery Cult: Cult of Nishpur and Malket
A revivalist cult centering around myths from Togrul's part of the world, including Togrul.

Song of the Wild

Passions and Skills—-Tentative
Passions: Riddles, riddles, riddles! (1)
Passions: I respect any that can get the better of me. (0)
Skills: Magic (1)
Skills: Puzzles (6)
Or perhaps Superior Intellect 2 or 3?


I cannot be but at a threshold
I cannot break a deal.
I cannot be destroyed, only banished.
—One more here…

I appear when summoned.
I protect my friends.
When I appear, animals hide.

Separate distinct things.
Are relative concepts.
Are in the process of becoming.
Are a choice.
Are patient.
Are impartial.
Are unstable.

Aspect: 0
Domain: 5
Persona: 4
Treasure: 0

Shapeshifter—Old Man, Mist, and Owl.

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