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The Tower of Twilight

Somewhere between everywhere and nowhere, right after the end and before the beginning of time, there stands an infinitely high tower in an infinite sky. If you look up, you see a day sky, down there is a night sky. When it's day, anyway. The direction of gravity reverses when the time of day switches. It should be obvious the Night Sky is "up" when it's night, after all.
Inside the tower, the same day repeats over and over. If you look outside through one of the countless windows, archways and doors, you see other towers in the distance. An infinite number of copies of the same tower in fact, each one representing another day. Electricity arcs between the towers, like an enormous nervous system. It forms bridges between each tower and each day. The weird part is that, no matter where and when you go, inside the tower you cannot create a time paradox. You will almost never meet yourself. And even if you do, it won' actually matter. Maybe it's some kind of fail-safe the Imperators have put into place.
The tower is entirely built out of writer's blocks. They are quite a wondrous material, while being almost impenetrable and unbreakable, they are surprisingly soft when falling from great height. Useful when gravity reverses. The only thing that really has a hard time in the tower are inspirations and ideas, since they obviously can't get out once they got in. Discarded or forgotten ideas really clog up the tower, though the Imperators organized a clean-up crew to throw all the stuff down in the sub-basement-levels of the tower.
This has the effect that there is a lot of wondrous technology and amazing art in the tower, since everyone can just sift through the old ideas and is likely to find something good among them. They cannot leave the tower, though…

In the Tower of Twilight…

  • time is cyclical.
  • despite all odds, temporal integrity is guaranteed.
  • arcs of electricity connect people and places.
  • there is a door to everywhere and everywhen.
  • opposites are drawn together.
  • ideas cannot escape once they get it.
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