Winnie Euler Writers Block

Key of Something Restless

My Path

  • Hack Writer
  • I can do something better, I know I can…

Why it Feels Empty

  • Self-Doubt
  • The Things I've left behind.

Key of something in Thrall

Held in Thrall

  • Reliant on my Muse
  • Desperate for Inspiration
  • Give me some damn recognition!

Entangled with my Enemy

  • I can't let go
  • I'm weak
  • I am nothing without him

Just one Magnum Opus

  • My work is never good enough.
  • My work never ends.

Something Weird
It is so rare to see someone who is not merely a Noble, but a Noble whose very Estate, whose entire being, is tied up in an artistic pursuit, refuse that power utterly when it comes to being an artist.

Painful Side of the World.
Yes it is beautiful.
Well, it can be, anyways.
Yes it is wondrous.
Again, it can, at least.
But, ultimately, it is the frailty of animal conditions, the weakness of our perception, that we can only understand the world in terms of what we are. We fill the lifeless with life, and the hateful with hate.
Except, you know, that it also happens to be true, more or less, which is a really painful head-scratcher of late.

Something you can describe.
It's a fallacy, after all, not a real thing.

Humble Life
Just a girl from Kentucky trying to make a living with a pen.
Fucking crazy, in other words.

Oh dear sweet merciful Bard this world is big and complicated and wonderful and terrifying and someone hand me a damn pen already!
With this, with this, I can have my inspiration, I can beat it out of my muse if I need to, I can really make something great… I can be a good writer.

My hatred for Thomas Malark is like a knife stabbing into… something hard and callous and unfeeling with a fucking stupid pompous grin.
Note to self:
More coffee before writing.
Malark is my 'agent'. Or, more accurately, my Censor. Apparently you can't actually let the mortal world know much about the way things really go, even in secret. It's why those other books (and that game-thingy) were rather vague on a great many details.

Far away or Troubled Love
When I was ten, I had this notebook. This little red notebook. I started writing in it. Nothing really remarkable. Just a story about a little prince in a strange world…
I never finished it. Sometimes I still wonder what happened to the prince.
The book is around somewhere, I know.

An Independent Song
Look, I get all these big ticket theological issues and crap, but I just want to write, okay?

Winnie Euler

Writer 2
Reader 3

Get Published -3 (Damn you, Malark!)
A great work changes the world 3

Writers' Block

  • Is comprised of compressed doubts, fears and inadequacies 1
  • Is actually shaped a block 1
  • Stops inspiration from effecting the world 1
  • Is the bane of muses 1
  • Flies exactly like a brick 1
  • Happens to everyone sooner or later 1
  • Can only be destroyed by plowing through it 1

The Overused Literary Devices of Winnie Euler

  • 1 Annoying and Alienating Alliteration
  • 1 That instant before the camera flashes when time stands still.
  • 1 People Smoking.
  • 1 Painfully cryptic symbols
  • 1 Bizarre Foreshadowing.
  • 1 Pathetic Fallacy.
  • 1 That first strawberry of the year.

The Unfinished Story: "The Prince of Pandea"

  • 2 Is unfinished
  • 1 Is about the Prince of Pandea
  • 1 Is fantasy
  • 1 Was written by a child
  • 1 Begins "once upon a time"
  • 1 Probably ends "happily ever after"

The Typewriter of Winnie Euler

  • Is a critic, through and through. 1
  • Is surprisingly light and easy to carry 1
  • Is possessed by the Muse, Hesaphet 2
  • Is addictive 1
  • Always works 2

Aspect 0
Domain 1

  • The Typewriter of Winnie Euler 1
  • The Overused Literary Devices of Winnie Euler 1

Persona 4

  • The Overused Literary Devices of Winnie Euler 4
  • The Unfinished Story: "The Prince of Pandea" 2
  • The Typewriter of Winnie Euler 1

Treasure 0

Sovereigns Gift -1 CP

My Typewriter is Possessed by my over-critical Muse 2
I never did finish that story about the Prince… 1
Good or not, I will keep writing (and getting better, I hope) 3
This world makes no sense! 1
Looking for Inspiration in all the dangerous places 1

Malark will not let me get published 1
The story of my life is afflicted with Pathetic Fallacy 3
Obvious, but Cryptic, foreshadowing happens around me 1

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