Brad Saunders

Brad Saunders, He who is called Kumbaya, Dominus Aestiva

Aspect 1 7 AMP 3CP
Domain 2 7 DMP 6CP
1 … reveals your true self
1 … forges friendships
1 … forces independence
1 … is the best fun
2 … inspires enthusiasm
1 … upholds tradition
Persona 2 7 PMP 6CP
Treasure 2 7 TMP 6CP

Passion and Skills

Passion: Camp is necessary (2)
Skill: Archery (2)
Skill: Story telling (1)
Skill: Good Listener (1)
Passion: All art is valid (1)
Cool (0+1)
Shine (0+2)

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I call my bow Piper. (1)
Bond: The Archery Disciples (2)
Affliction: All camps are my camp (2)
Affliction: I know the name and favorite activity of every camper. (1)
Bond: I can teach archery to anyone (1)
Bond: I don't show favorites (1)
Bond: A promise made is a promise kept (2)
Bond: Never harm a camper in my presence (2)
Affliction: Campers remember me (1)
Affliction: People who truly hate camp make me sick (2)


“Night Two Feeling” -Greater Creation of Despair-Simple Miracle, One Trick(“No one likes you and you'll never make friends.”), Uncommon, one person or thing
Unblemished Guise


Brad always appears somewhere in the range of 18 to 24, fit but not gorgeous, and always with long hair, generally done up in a pony tail. He likes to change his eye color around, green seeming to be his favorite, switching to blue if he isn't really paying attention.


If there was one thing Brad could ever be sure of, it was that he loved summer camp. This has been true since about hour three of the 4-H Science Weekend Camp and remained true even as he stopped working camp at 24. Well, at least on any official payrolls. His love of Camp is even more his rock in the storm now.

Life as a Noble is every bit of Brad's dream come true, minus the terrible reality war. Brad spends much of the camp off season at college job fairs, preaching camp to those who will listen and handing out business cards for Camp Chickamauga, whose website always turns out to be under construction and full of links to other camp application pages. Brad, of course, spends the on season(mid-May to early September) in residence at a camp or two(sometimes more) he feels most need him. He's been toying with the idea of starting a camp for those who grow up outside of the prosaic world, but is still trying to pin down all of the housing and staffing issues, to say nothing of the treaties that would be needed. But still, the idea persist.


As a former archery councilor Brad has a group of favorite(though you can't tell them that) campers who are well trained in a deadly art, aware of Brad's new nature, and willing to help. A few notable names are (Max)Coachman, Terri Ehrinburg, Aaron Gunderman, Claire Nelson, and Louis Giraux. While acting in Brad's name their arrows can pierce just about anything. And they never miss.

Brad's bow, Piper, was made from a pruned section of the World Ash, and as such is nearly indestructible. Like his disciples he can shoot through almost anything, though Piper's real magic come from it's ability to communicate with Brad. Not full conversations, usually just things like "Drop your elbow a bit, bring your front leg back a bit" but occasionally it will muse on other topics.

Life Path

I've loaned my book out and don't have it all in my written notes. I'll hopefully get this done monday night.

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when something endangers Summer Camp
1 Light a campfire with "magic" ashes, summon a s'more, get a camp song stuck in your head for 20 minutes
2 Know a camp roster, see camper and counselor applications
3 Everlasting Canoes!
4 Erect cabins, make the picnic tables walk.
5 Condemn a camp, ask Camp for information
6 Assign new destinies to campers, Preserve a camp from 1930 onward
7 Turn all the houses in Delaware into camp cabins
8 Wipe out all Camps in upstate New York
9 Make the entire world sing Kumbaya at the same time. In key

Persona Miracle Chart

0 See how people relate to camp.
1 Make someone a bit more likely to uphold tradition; a little unable to get people excited.
2 Incarnate as a cabin, mess hall, camp "cultists"
3 Get people pumped up, teach the greatest new game ever, make a bully and victim into friends
4 Make someone the literal Greatest Counselor Ever
5 Be in all camps, all at once
6 Get Barack Obama and Angela Merkel to make up by putting them in the leaky raft for the overnight trip
7 Convince all of Manhattan that a city wide game of dungeons and dragons would be the best thing ever!
8 Keep an entire family line from ever making friends
9 Have the residents of Rhode Island decide to turn the state into a Summer Camp.
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