Bran Gainor

the Half-forged Maker, Viscount of Armor

Aspect 3 (6 AMPs)
Domain 1 (5 DMPs)
Realm 0 (5 RMPs)
Spirit 0 (5 SMPs)

Alchemy 4

Wonder-Forging Art

Limit: Cannot Guise or change his appearance (+1 AMP)
Restriction: Hatred of beauty
Restriction: Twisted ugliness
Affiliation: Code of the Angels
Affiliation: Code of the Dark
Virtue: Greedy

Bran Gainor, mortal smith, considered himself a man among men. Of all men living in his time, there was no one better at working metal or creating beautiful objects. His labors at the forge had left him heavily muscled, and that and his handsome face left him with plenty of attention to keep him occupied when his work was finished. To his mind, there was no happier man on Earth.

It was therefore the pleasure of Dukkha, upon claiming him as the Power of Armor, to twist his handsome body into the stooped and ugly form of a glowering dwarf-like creature. Although he retained all his strength and his smithcraft, his beauty was destroyed, leaving him with nothing but his ability to craft beautiful things.

The loss of his beauty and of his entire sense of self was catastrophic to Bran's personality. His former good humor quickly soured into bitterness and jealousy of all those Powers who retain the gift he lacks. He hoards all his creations and will admit to caring for nothing but cold, gleaming metal. He sometimes sells his work for fantastic prices, but never to Powers of attractive aspect. His hatred of beauty is matched only by his secret, maddening obsessive love of it. He channels his obsession into creation, but it sometimes takes odd forks and leads him to moon gloweringly over strange things or people.

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