Cade Goodwell (Carnivals)

"Truth be told, in the olden days the carnivals, parades, all these traveling shows, offered a host of services you ain't never heard about. Back then, Carnivals was strong as any Estate. It was a repository like a bank vault. The artisans of this fine Concept crafted elaborate domains with the noble intent of stirring up all manner of thoughts to trap them. Places like a Hall of Mirrors or a sideshow, you don't see the purpose in them? People offered up their troubles. Sometimes more.

"Like the liver might do to a fine swig of this rotgut cider the place swallowed up the world's worries. When it came time to move on, the shed psyches were carted off along with the rest of the show to wherever those vagabonds might end up next. Ain't got a clue what they did with all the bile mankind spilled over into it. But it weren't just humanity that got the treatment. All of Creation cast off its old wares into the circus as it went - things like the last of their kind ended up in the freak show while relics too strange for a rapidly 'civilizing' world were put up on display. Wasn't the work of the Blackeyes but just Time itself, the conniving beast o' burden.

"That was way back when. Now my Estate's fallen on hard times like anything else that ends up at the show. Thing is: us carnival folk have done well enough on hard times. While the world keeps on crawling to wherever it's gotta go we'll be there to see it through."

Cade, an army medic, was a deserter of the Vietnam War. Arriving back home he came upon a traveling caravan which by coincidence was the personal circus of the Power of Carnivals. The traveler was looking for a way to redeem himself for abandoning his post. He stayed in the company of the show for years until it was besieged by the Strategist Maximin Hethet. The War had once again consumed his life. He took the power of the Estate as requested by its dying keeper and escaped with the remnants of the band.

Old Carnival's wishes had been to rebuild the Estate to its former glory. The Power told of its original purpose which had been slowly carved away over time. Goodwell's first stop was to train under the vigilance of Tairté Ut-napishtim - to learn how the nature of Creation is unraveled by its enemies but more importantly how it could be salvaged from the brink.

At game's start the latest Power of Carnivals has been scouting out Cityback. The city has resisted his attempts to bring the show into town. He's looking to see what sorts of good his traveling circus can do for such a place.

Properties of the Estate of Carnivals

(A telling of the Estate as a metaphysical immune system within the body of Creation.)

  • … evoke emotions from those who experience them. (2)
  • … capture the ill humors of the world. (2)
  • … safeguard fading aspects of Creation from extinction. (1)
  • … weaken the divide between Prosaic and Mythic Realities like a symptom. (1)
  • … wander across all parts of Creation. (1)


Aspect 0
Domain 5 (Carnivals)
Domain 1 (Paranoia)
Persona 0
Treasure 3

Carnival's Regal

Goodwell might stop a conflict short to see to collateral damages. It is his duty to usher the rotting things of this world to asylum - whether they want to or not. The War worsens when the number of things in exist at the end of the day falls short of its beginning.

This might be the guy who sets up impossible games to outplay his enemies or perform a knife-throwing trick in a pinch. He's a carny, the Carny of carnies, after all. And in the War of all Wars there's certainly no pretext of rules. His Estate is his ultimate tool - it offers an endless array of distracts and amusements that have been carefully honed to trick the mind into whatever state suits the show's therapeutic methods. Emotion and perception are the subjects of his sorcery. Beyond all this, it is the awe-inspiring symbol of the Ferris Wheel itself that stands as the castle of his Domain. This sole figure has steeled his Estate against the ravages of its decline.

The dichotomy of Prosaic and Mythic Realities shudders at his approach as metaphors and sympathetic links between each become far more literal - a fact he masks under the cathartic veil of the Carnival. He may be the one who puts on a rendition of 'The King in Yellow' just to see the Prosaic die just a little so that Creation may heal from its passing. The Prosaic is considered to be a continuing wound in not just the fabric of the world but its inhabitants as well. People ought to be made ready to witness what lies around them.


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Cade built several tools to aid his maintenance of Creation. These were the first things he built after listening to the words of the infamous Excrucian teacher.

  • Ithis Phials (Anchor) - Elaborate bottles crafted to extract ideals in pure form to later instill them into other vessels. The only occupied vessel at this point is one labeled 'My Learnings from Tairté'.
  • Trappings of Goodwell (Anchor) - A toolbag of metaphysical doctor's implements. These were forged from the echoes of dying Estates so that what remains in Creation may be preserved.
  • Grizzly (Anchor) - A memento from 'Nam. This is a standard-issued combat knife stamped with a platoon insignia that has been scrubbed out. There's a mess of claw marks down the side that accentuate the black licks of flame along the metal; it's possible this came about from planting it in the face of a fire-breathing nasty, like a dragon.


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Code of the Light

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