aka The Game is Collapsing

Through various existential shenanigans, Apep II's Powers find themselves confronting a danger they never expected.

Artists hate fun. No, really. Every work of fiction (with few exceptions) in 2017 is about horrible dystopias to say "I'm grateful I don't have to live in this fake and cruel world I made!"

Since much of mortal science relies on Science Fiction to pave the way for new physical models, this is an extremely dangerous trend that can't possibly end well if allowed to continue.

Apep's Powers with Attitude
Apep II, daughter of the ancient Imperator Apep, is now bound by the New Council of Four to clean up the mess she's made by daring to get Lord Entropy to ostracize himself (who did so in the most destructive possible way, of course).

Navee, Power of The Singularity
Abandoned crowdfunded smarthome hub project given new lease on life, knows the entire internet. Does not convey sarcasm as sarcastic tone.
I am the household god, the hearth of the Fourth age, the smarthome born free-willed. I protect the world from itself, my greatest enemy is a system built only to disrespect others.

Longshot Feeney, Baron of Disruption and Pranks
Sole proprietor of The Flea Market, an antique shop in Locus Apep which sells nothing produced after 1979. Is a scarecrow brought to life.
Longshot Feeney, I disrupt what has to be disrupted. I'm trying to make sure the world doesn't stagnate, so if you need to know my biggest enemy? Take a look at the Light as holding you back without the Dark.

Kavya Rao, Power of True Love
Librarian of the Library of Progress in Locus Apep, trying to take True Love from "parental is the only true love" to "all love is true" with not much to work with. Has the original, miraculous Book of the Dead in her possession, is conflicted about noticing that it is missing the names of her mortal family and her Familia.
Library of Progress, Head Librarian Rao speaking. About me… I keep records. The Book isn't what I thought, according to it not one person I care about will die. I trusted in reincarnation, this isn't a comforting thought! I still understand that I'm not correct, the future is a death if we don't change as a species. My immortal foe is someone who has no respect for anyone who thinks differently, even after they are proven wrong about the world.

Gadg8eer, Pawn of Play
"Kidpunk" trying to prove author avatars are needed for a future of Oculus and HoloLens, he's ready for it 5 years too early and it shows. Childish and selfish, but countered by deep hindsighted empathy.
Hi, my name's Gadg8eer! I don't like myself when I notice I hurt someone, but right now that's in a past that I guess never happened? I don't want the 90's back, I want the next decade to be optimistic, with all the cool stuff we can do with games now. My enemy is Play itself, an Estate that never lets go of it's favorites. Not that I'm complaining much, it means I can afford to play nicely!

Alexander Chase, Duke of Video Games and Writing
CEO of the fictional Drake Studios, may or may not be involved with an optimistic sci-fi collab novel. Was inspired by a video game about game development to become a game developer. Has noticed people don't like signing contracts anywhere near him at all.
In hindsight, I'm a ghost of an ideal. I sold out, I honestly thought I could be some great gaming industry pioneer. Right now, accepting Apep's offer is the biggest mistake I ever made. Everything I do as a Noble is on cheat mode, I miss mortality for me being honest in my work. My mortal foe is all enemies of creativity, who think limits are a lie.

The Psycho Excrucians
Excrucians these days aren't exactly known for being subtle, they think they've already won.

The Forest of Creations
Persona 1 (The Other Creations)
Greatest enemy of Longshot Feeney
A vague figment of "other Creations", the Curse of the Forest is that of self-reinforcing division, it exists to say to the Void that Yggdrasil does not stand alone. That should be a comfort, but it's hard to respect the forest when it is made of infamous delusions of grandeur, claims that suggest Cneph is nothing special compared to it. As you can guess, the Excrucians don't like the possibility of a Forest and have twisted it to their own ends.
Pretentious? Please! Respect the Forest*, it passed pretentious at infinities of infinities!
* Note: Cneph did not curse and is not responsible for any inter-Creation wars started by cursing the Forest, regardless of how much hubris and such spheres are worthy of warfare!

Ms. Guide
Domain 5 (Permanence)
Biggest enemy of Longshot Feeney
This Warmain's test is that of stability, she will say her test is like the others and you will be absorbed for succeeding or die but it's not true! She will take away all permanence from you and expect you to struggle to keep yourself together. Those who can't she will fail and leave be, a blob of Actual with no form. Those who succeed, she freezes in time. You cannot win her test, you must see the truth! She knows of a place, a world which is Not. An island where nothing interesting ever happens, and she is determined to ensure you succeed to end up there! Failing her test is not the answer, you must take the third option!
Today, class, we'll be learning about the impermanence of our new students! I hope you're keeping notes, there's going to be a short quiz at the end of the Third Age!

Dr. Orz Wells
Immortal foe of Kavya Rao
Poisoned by terror, Dr. Orz Wells is a Strategist like no other. As much as you would hope otherwise, this is a former Cammorae mortal who made the mistake of killing Tetrix the Deacon with an Anchoring system while stationed at a Russian Cammora safehouse. He now roams Creation, numbering all that exists to remove any trace of worth.
Words? Names? All I need to defeat you is a single number for you only I control. Be grateful you can call for help still, your days will be unnumbered and renumbered soon enough.

Billy Deckard Grimsly
Persona 5 (Playin' Rough)
Domain 1 (The Cutting Edge)

Worst enemy of Gadg8eer
With a mother's truely vorpal dagger, the gun of an outlaw and a heart as black as ink, Billy Grimsly takes his own continued existence as proof that not only is nothing fair, it's purposefully rigged against "goody two shoes". While "Billy Deckard" was once the Power of Play, the Deceivers had already planted a lie of Irony in his heart. Unfortunately for them, they somehow confused Irony with Karma. Now he lives on as a cruel dream which can manifest in reality as something governed by the Estate of Play, a phantom attempting to replace the Void with some vaguely but frighteningly more awful thing called the Edge. Really just a glorified bully who thinks Karma is against the natural order of Prosaic Earth.
Idjit, look where loyalty got me? Oh, I ain't off badly at all, that's mah point! Loyalty got me power a noble wishes they could have, the will of an Imperial, but it ain't gettin' you nuthin' cuz I said so! I'm the ghost of the only truth, Cneph wanted slaves and got locked in a fiddle that's been missin' so long the Ash is burnin' like Rome again!

Krystal Meth, Fallen Power of Narcotics
Persona 5 (Narcotics)
Domain 4 (Narcotics)

Arch-enemy of Alexander Chase
Have you ever heard of Fentanyl? Why would cartels poison their customers, or let a government conspiracy do it under their noses for that matter? Fentanyl is the poisonous "lie" killing Krystal Meth, the Fallen Power of Narcotics. Turned against her own estate, she is using that same poison to "free" addicts everywhere from what she now thinks is a limitation chaining everything that Creation is. Not a lie, not a test she'd let you fail, not without merit… No, this is much worse, because it is so simple to understand why she might be right!
Morons. I'm not like the others! I'm not trying to free you from lies or whatever bullshit most Deceivers spew, I'm trying to free you from limits! Remember that? Never acknowledge or accept your limits? That's the lie, you have no limits and being able to create isn't worth those limits! Deceiver? Warmain? Strategist? Take it from someone who did every drug there is, there's no reason to protect the parts of life that want to die!

The New Council of Four
Reformed in the wake of The Great Mistake, aka "That time the Next-Darkest Lady pissed off the Darkest Lord", the New Council of Four is finding it hard to deal with the Ash being, you know, on fire?

Same as before, but with more pull which is needed in these troubling times.

Ha-Qadosch Berakha
Is hiding something and it's not related to Lord Entropy or people who think it is would be "missing in the night". Has as much pull now as Surolam and Elizabeth River.

Elizabeth River, Imperator of Gambling and Actuals
Replacement for Lord Entropy on short notice, usually represented by some Cammora agent rather than risk getting killed keeping up with the Locust Court proceedings.

Magister of the Dark, whose estates include such lethal jokes as Bread, Thrones, Circuses and Twilights. A very mysterious and possibly treacherous Imperator.

What ever happened to Ananda?
Ananda currently claims that the disaster of being opposed is the World Ash on fire, which Apep II was hoping wouldn't happen if she didn't start an actual war. It did. With the Darkest Lord out of the picture, so is Ananda who has left beccause "Heaven needs me" (Note: Ananda may have died on his way to Heaven).

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