Canaan Reyes

Mean Everything to Nothing

Canaan Reyes, Power of Lightning

Aspect 0
Domain (Lightning) 4
Persona (Lightning) 4

  • Lightning shatters all opposition. (3)
  • Lightning pours energy into what it touches. (2)
  • Lightning equalizes an imbalance of forces. (1)
  • Lightning comes with the storm. (1)

Persona (Illumination) 1

  • Illumination strikes like a bolt from the blue. (1)
  • Illumination cannot be begged, bought, or summoned. (2)
  • Illumination rearranges everything else around itself. (2)
  • Illumination breaks open our little worlds with truth. (2)

Treasure 0

"I stand by my friends" 2
"People should make their own decisions" 2
Mechanics 2
History 2
Shine 4


Bond: I am not a liar. (2)
Bond: I can't be kept out and can't be kept in. (3)
Bond: I'm faithful to people who care about me. (2)
Affliction: I must enter into the hearts of anyone who gets close to me. (3)
Affliction: My light burns away corruption and ignorance. (3)


His retainers have decided that he looks good in white leather with silver trimmings, and he's accepted it, gloves and all, because being insulated behind thick clothing seems like about the right idea. He looks like an ordinary Hispanic eighteen-year-old would if somebody applied godlike hotness to him and then went crazy with a bucket of bleach.


Canaan Reyes was an ordinary Mexican-American teenager who spent his days working in his father's auto shop, getting into the standard kinds of trouble with friends, and hoping for a girlfriend to enter his life. Then he became a god. He would never have guessed that phenomenal cosmic power, unquestionable social superiority, and six-pack abs could suck so much.

It's the nature of Lightning to pour into things, to drop down from the sky and get inside of you, with electrifying results. So it is with Canaan, and he's discovered that once he gets close enough to somebody to reach out and touch them, something about him touches their hearts, and they react strongly, as though they'd known him forever. This has made him some good friends and led to some very pleasing encounters, but it's also made him some enemies: not everybody wants to have their heart touched. Also, it's, um, is wrong the word? Is touching people's hearts wrong? Canaan isn't sure, but he's starting to find it a little bit creepy. And that's on top of leaving his family behind to live in a Chancel and do work for a mysterious and godlike being.

Canaan works as a messenger because he seems to be able to move through things like walls and locked doors and miraculous wardings with a minimum of fuss, and at a decent fraction of the speed of light.


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