Chancel Amon

If one decided to walk to the front door of Chancel Amon (and you'd have to be foolish or suicidal to do so) one would find themselves before its massive wrought bronze and coral gates, sealed against all intrusion and guarded night and day by monstrous hounds. Beyond that lies a calm-looking conglomerate of twisting streets, prowled by vicious stray dogs eternally loyal to the Imperator, leading to secret ways of both entrance and egress for those who know how. In the far distance sits the immaculate Palace of Violence, peaceful and serene amidst the war-torn architecture of the Chancel. But the jewel of the Chancel sits in the heavily fortified center - a fortress-manor named Crown's Keep, filled to bursting with weapons and artifacts of all kinds, and seat of Amon himself when he is in residence; upon a throne of angel bones, petrified feathers, and solidified flame.

Other notable locations include the Hall of Mannerisms, the Crater of 1000 Duels, and the Plaza of Portraits.

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