Cheche Chafu

Cheche Chafu, Spirit of Innovation and Pollution, Dominus Pollutio et Adipiscing

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0CP
Domain 0 5 DMP 0CP
Persona 0 5 PMP 0CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP
Child of the Ash 5 5 AMP 15CP
Origin Sight of the first Man-fire
War Form: Spark Snake Superior Skill: Giant Snake of Innovation
Field: Innovation Yin: Grow larger and shine brightly with inspiration, attract more attention Yang: Grow smaller but the power of inspiration grows
War form: Smog Peacock Superior Skill: Giant Peacock of Pollution
Field: Pollution Yin: become like air, poison the air and trees Yang: become like water poison the earth and seas

Passion and Skills

Passion: Help the world grow (4)
Passion: Help the world rot (4)
Superior Skill: Manipulation (5)
Cool (0)
Shine (0)

Bonds and Afflictions

A: I can’t be caught (4)
A: I live as long as both Innovation and Pollution to (3)
B: I inspire those who ask (3)
B: With inspiration I bring destruction (3)


Elusive (1)
Lesser preservation of self (3) automatic (1) self only (-3) comprehensive (-1) common

As a spirit of something fundamental to mankind Cheche finds it difficult to be anything except himself, to change Cheche would be the same as changing the nature of poison and ambition. The only change that can happen is the one that he beckons upon himself in his own paradoxical way.

Eternal (3)
Major preservation of self (4) automatic (1) self only (-3) comprehensive (-1) common

Cheche isn't mortal, all creatures lives are tied to what they are, what they can be. With most it's flesh, a warm bloody spirit keeping them alive. Cheche, however, is something different he is the spirit of inspiration and pollution, something that is very difficult to kill

Flight (1)
Treasure miracle (unleashing wonders) (3) automatic (1) self only (-3) a handful of uses (-2) common

Cheche was born of light and smoke, when he first took form it was as a small, cloud of grey smog. As a firstborn he could fly, swirling and dancing in the air, but he could also be spread thin, so thin that he lost any and all influence he had. As he grew in power he gained more a form. His wings can dazzle those who see them, a skeleton of light surrounded by a dark cloud. Now he's no longer so afraid of being blown away by the wind, now he can truly fly.

Inspiration Incarnate (1)
Lesser Creation of inspiration (4) Simple miracle (-1) Local things (-1) Handful of applications (-1) uncommon (1)

Upon the right side of his body are startling golden tattoos, these are no cosmetic items, as over the years the power he held in inspiration started to leak out onto his skin. Those markings are ideas and concepts condensed into small glowing markings. Yet to most they're indecipherable, it is not in the nature of Cheche to give his gifts so easily, one must work for them, so he hides their nature, their meaning. Until he wants to. He can reveal ideas so beautiful and bright that the drive whoever he chooses to see them mad. He can plan a seed of inspiration inside so,some so bright that they would complete it at all costs. He wields inspiration as both a gift and a curse.

Cloud of poison (1)
Lesser creation of poison (4) simple (-1) local (-1) handful off applications (-2) uncommon (1)

As a spirit of pollution Cheche can easily summon and command clouds of poison. The right side of his body is constantly shrouded in a toxic smog. It's not so difficult for him to tear it away from himself and fling it at what he wants destroyed, and he wants so much destroyed.

Unblemished Guise (1)
Lesser creation of illusion (4) simple (-1) local (-1) one trick (-3) uncommon (1)

Cheche is a spirit of humanity, that is undeniable. During his younger years he saw humans, whispered into their ears. He gave them grand designs and wealth beyond measure. In turn they taught him. Unknowingly they showed him how to be a person, what it is to be fundamentally human. With each machine built and each place poisoned he grew in power. He knows what it is to be human, now he can make it so.

Live in the minds of men (1)
Lesser incarnation in industrialists (2) Simple miracle (-1) local (-1) comprehensive (-1) uncommon (1)

A king, a beggar, and a businessman. All three fall under Cheche's influence. He sees that they want power, wealth, a better life for themselves. The king may be selfless, the beggar may be an idiot but that doesn't stop them from hearing Cheche's voice, and how convincing a voice it is.



When someone is a child of the Ash, perhaps they don't mean it literally. They may just be as themselves as they can be. In Cheche's case, he is a child of the Ash.

Thousands of years ago, when humanity was first starting to come into its power, before technology, before fire could be wielded as a weapon, there was a woman. She was no different from any other, but one day she witnessed something, two small pieces of wood falling from the sky, dark and beautiful was the wood. Little did she know this was no ordinary wood, it was bark of the world Ash itself. Unbeknownst to her an Aaron's Serpent had rubbed against the tree in its climbing causing two minuscule flakes of wood to fall down into earth.

The woman saw the wood as it fell, landing abruptly, kicking up a large cloud of dust. She approached it cautiously, as she did an idea formed. She had seen the grasslands go upon a blaze, seen the light that struck from the sky. She wondered if she could wield it.

Day after day she tried to find different ways of creating the fire, each one getting closer than the last. Until, one day, she did. A brilliant blue flame lit up the area around her from the wood of the world Ash. As she breathed in the first plume of smoke, smoke burned off the tree of life itself, Cheche was born. The smoke from the first ever man fire and the idea of the woman who lit it formed a being, weak as a newborn he was blown from his mother's lungs.

In his early years he stuck with her, a constant cloud of smoke whispering into her ears. Whenever he ventured too far he'd always rush back to her like a frightened child. At a certain point she became aware of him. She saw him for who he was, what he could do. Ambition overcame her. While she was aware of the other side of what success she brought she cared not of it. This was her time. With him at her side she rose to great power, she became a queen, and brought him with her.

She was an old woman by the time he gained a form. At this point he was nearly strong enough to go great distances without disappearing, he came and went more frequently, leaving her to rule her kingdom. He was panicked when he came to her. Unused to having human features. She was calm, she had known this would happen, her people reported sights of a ghostly figure in the throne room with her. From that day onwards she told tale of her son who'd she kept hidden because of a mysterious illness.

Then she let him go. He travelled the world growing in power and influence, causing creation and destruction. He doesn't know what happened to the woman who caused him to be, he may never.

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