Children Of Eve

At the beginning of the world, Eden sprang forth from the Tree, and there humanity was born. We might have been as gods, but an unnecessary tragedy and an avoidable sin cut short the thread of our days and let our divine potential run wild and break away from us. Today, Eden remains in the hands of the Dark, who are our unlikely allies in the battle against Unbeing. The time is not right to retake the Garden, even if it were possible to slay the god who stole it… but there is one Imperator who aims to make the attempt anyway. The Phoenix, daughter of Death and Laughter, was rescued from the Dark Horsemen by the Magisters of the Light, and in gratitude, she has dedicated this incarnation of herself to the Light. One who has no fear of death will take on a crusade that even immortals would deem suicidal. It is the will of the Phoenix that Eden shall once again belong to humanity… even if the Ash itself is shaken to pieces.


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