Children Of Eve Npcs

Maebara Makoto: A strapping Japanese lad trained from birth by the Cammora to be handsome, nice, and successful. His graceful possession of every possible virtue makes him insanely annoying to every other male on the planet. Owing to Reasons, all memory of his existence was wiped from the Earth and he was delivered to the Fire Isles. Ryan hates him, so back when the Phoenix had that temper tantrum he got roasted and was reincarnated as an increasingly ridiculous series of muppets before being killed in the assault on the Sable Gardens. Nevertheless, he was reborn along with the other souls in Eden as a miraculous but mildly irritating (to Ryan) infant.

Maliqe Ristani: Domina Invidiae: The Power of Envy, a Worldbreaker in service to the Dark. She is totally crazy. She claims to be an Empress Beyond and a Worldbreaker and probably is, but so far has been unable to concentrate long enough to annoy you with any competence, possibly, as you recently discovered, owing to her addiction to the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, of which you are currently squatting on the only supply.

Rosa d'Addio: A Cammoran with a positive attitude about awful things and excellent taste in shoes.

Anna Beauregarde: The Power of Water, a Southern lady who wishes that all the unpleasantness in her life would go away. Melangell Thorpe torments her for fun, but may have switched focus to you lot instead now. Except that now she's been murdered!

Karen Chalcanth: A naturally gentle girl, she's tried to get Tough since her predecessor, Lady Anna, was murdered and she took over. She has not yet found her happy medium.

Melangell Thorpe: The Power of Fortune and the Four Winds, a pirate queen with an airship fleet, who finds blood feuds an entertaining way to spend the weekend. Hates you all and will kill you when it becomes convenient, but she says that to all the girls, I'll bet. Lacks follow-through (except with dragons). After falling for an embarassing Excrucian plot, she was punished by the Locust Court for criminal stupidity with a year of muteness.

Dana Whitsunday: The Lady of Eternity and hostess of Timeheart; she's numero uno among the bigwigs of the Light, or she was. Now you are. She is a localized phenomenon only by default. Ryan is trying very hard not to make an enemy of her.

Wanda Lore: Power of Regret, who enjoys wailing about the many dooms that will befall everybody. Oh, wait, that was just an act. She'll kill you dead if you upset the careful detente she's been arranging! Which you just did! Have fun!

E'jah C'mi'c'l: Power of the Crucible and Worldbreaker. He builds planets for fun. He's made of math! He and Ebba are trying to have a meeting of the minds. But Ebba is also trying to have no-mind. It's very trying for both of them.

Selim Ahroun: The Power of Growth and vice-world-builder. He'd be a dangerous mad scientist if it weren't for his crippling honesty addiction. Dangerously manic while operating supercomputers, stubbornly mellow otherwise. His most recent project is kind of like Charles Atlas except that it actually works.

Gloria van Dyne: She's in the book. She wishes her Siblings weren't such dorks. She can kill a man dead with a C#.

Elizabeth Eliza Penstemmon: The Lady of Candles, a redhead with overly pale skin and a plain face, but a very sexy voice. She is evidently very bad at miracles but very good at magic. She does not worry easily. She's Melangell's Sibling! She rescued Ryan from his only weakness in physics, the portable singularity, but it seems like she put most of her CP into being an Inferno and into talismanic sempstry.

Lukas Winter: He's the Power of the Moon, but he also controls Circles and Illusion. He has white hair and wears fur basically all the time. He has no time for your foolishness! When confronted with things he wasn't expecting, he's kind of a spaz. It's only to be expected when you're the Patron of Madness alongside your other hobbies.

Eriglamor: He was the Power of Greed, a great big dragon. He sold his soul to the Excrucians, (but not for cheap) so you and Melangell killed him.

Vesper Ianni: The Word's-Regal, he combines the soul of a Casanova with the body of a 12-year-old in a powdered wig. Prone to exaggeration. Won't stop talking. Willing to cry Excrucian in order to get five minutes alone with Fiona. Writes almanacs. You are now responsible for him forever, Ryan.

Katriana de Manxine: The Frost's-Regal and your Disapproving Aunt. She hates change and making a fuss. Doesn't move often.

Marley Barliman: Death's-Regal, which sounds weighty. Allots time to mortals to end their lives in the most satisfying fashion. Wears guy clothes. When not ending lives with poetry, she saves lives in Chancery as an advocate for the defense in the Locust Court. She doesn't often win cases there, but in theory she wins either way.

Rhys Bellamant: Faith's-Knight, and also the hottest guy on the planet (review pending). Is he worth keeping around other than as decor? Who knows?

Bertha Blue: The Seal's-Regal, who takes things extremely seriously. Will probably turn out to have been behind everything before it's all over.

Eternal Beta: The Power of Identity. You don't know what he's like, because he hasn't decided yet. Will let you know when version 1.0 hits servers.

Joseph: The Power of Night, a deadly GMPC. Apparently Shame sent him to snoop around your Chancel with his flock of possibly-deadly black sheep. His stealth Gifts are ridiculously good, so there's really no way of knowing if he's still behind you or not unless you can spare a Word.

Benjamin Gibraltar: The Earl of Day, a British gentleman with boundless energy and stiff-upper-lip. He likes energy science and being in control of the situation.

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