Alex Hashimoto


Name: Alex Hashimoto

Academic Ability: Excels through hard work

Athletic Ability: Excels through hard work

Blood Type: O

Favourite Food: Curry. And, um… fried tofu. But don't tell anyone—I don't want to live up to the stereotype.

Animal: Bee

Hair: Orange, curvy and barely contained in a braid.

Eyes: Bright green. Also, freckles (there's nowhere else to mention this).

Build: Gangly and graceful.

Family: Kaho and Marie, mothers. A little brother, not yet named.


Shephard (Sentimental) 4

(0/100 XP) Current Arc: Binding (Wounded Angel) 1


(11 / 15) Basic Quest: Getting In Over My Head ("Oh dear…")
(2 / 25) Quest: The Wrong Company
(0 / 25) Quest: Binding the Sword

Memo to myself: decide on reward for previous quest.

XP Emotion
Putting my Faith in You


Saying No to Friendly Requests -1
Dollmaking 2
Hard Work 2
Tenko Magic (Perception) 2
Superior Grace 2

Calling 1
It Never Stops 3
Trust 2
Hero 2

Tenko and Youkai 3
The family shop 4

Bonds & Afflictions
Bond: The things I make are created with love 3
Bond: I'm there for Erin 1

Connection 4 (the family shop)
Bond 3 (The things I make are created with love)
Power Up (Connection: Tenkai and Youkai +2)
Bond 1 (I'm there for Erin)

3/5 MP
8/8 Will
3/3 Miraculous Will

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