Dolorèse Beaumont, the Unchained Genius


Name: Dolorèse Beaumont

Academic Ability: unreasonably varied

Athletic Ability: not abysmal

Blood Type: AB+

Favourite Food: BBQ Pork Buns

Associable Animal: Horse (Zodiac)

Hair: Mid-back, wavy, strawberry blonde

Eyes: Grey, sly

Build: Tall, mature for age


Storyteller (Creature of Fable) 1

  • Between the Boundaries (Research, and Setting the Mood) (0)
  • Iconic (Firmly in control; unflappable) (0)
  • Superior Hunter (Handles hunting, tracking, riding, and archery) (1)
  • Cut the Soul (Twist or break others' powers) (1)
  • How Long Have I Been Listening… You Ask? (Appear spontaneously in a scene as a Quest-relevant detail is revealed) (1)

Knight (Reality Syndrome) 2 (Experience: My Assumptions; Hack: Making true statements about things I cannot know)

  • Shared Experience (Others share my assumptions as Region Properties; takes a while to manifest) (0)
  • Dreams Made Flesh (Shared Experience becomes physical reality) (0)
  • A Little Push (Make things go my way when they shouldn't occasionally, but briefly) (2)

(0/100 XP) Current Arc: Knight (Reality Syndrome) 3


(5 / 15) Basic Quest: (Gold) Obsessed with making things fit my understanding of the world. "There's an explanation for this!"

(18 / 40) Knight Quest ?: (Purple) The Object, my precious notebook. Region-focused on Horizon.

  • The notebook has served as a critical tool in blindsiding Erin into a maid costume

(26 / 35) Knight Quest ?: (Purple) Preparing for an Event, a club outing that can't end in criminal activity by club members

(2 / 25) Knight Quest ?: (Purple) Connecting with Someone (Silvia)


"Hah! Too easy!" -1
Superior Hunter 1
Doodling 1
Cool 2
Magic: Psychometry 2
Intellectual Artifice 3

(Undefined as of yet))

Bonds & Afflictions

Bond: I must be right! 3


How Long Have I Been Listening… You Ask? (Variant of Appear tied to revelations rather than connections)
Bond: I must be right! 3
Superior Hunter 1

Nifty Bonus Stuff

XP Emotion: Fist Pump / Salute XP

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