Erin Eris Elkin, The Soldier


  • Name: Erin Eris Elkin
  • Academic Ability: Surviving Somehow
  • Athletics Ability: She'd be top of the gym class if not for the gun thing… or Leiko
  • Blood Type: A negative
  • Favorite Food: A proper soldier eats whatever is in front of her and definitely has nothing like a sweet-tooth at all!
  • Associated Animal: Tiger, they fight well when backed into a corner.
  • Hair: Black and straight. Erin keeps it shortish in something like a shaggy pageboy cut.
  • Build: Slim and of average height and possessing of a wiry strength.
  • Other: Several thin long scars trail across Erin's body, covering the length of both arms, parts of her chest and stomach and her legs.


  • Ordinary Student: -1
  • Soldier: 3
  • Superior Survival Instincts: 2
  • Superior Vitality: 1
  • Heir to a Lost Star 1
  • Stoic 1
  • Superior Maid 2
  • Connection: Alex 2

Arc Traits

  • Spiritual 3 (battles won and lost)
  • Becoming Someone 1 (Current Arc: XP: 00/???)
    • Truth: Changing is hard
    • Vice: My hands are stained in blood
    • Role: ?


  • Affliction: “I always have enough weapons within arm's reach.” (Uses spiritual Arc's rating)
  • Power up: Erin's Spirit-Shaper miracles count as major miracles
  • Connection: The Magical Girls Club 1
  • I have certain… resources: Erin has acquired a vampire maid minion and can ask an update from the HG about what she's doing once per chapter.

Basic Quest: Struggles 0/15: Erin has a card, the front of which reads "A proper soldier cares not for such trivialities." She'll hold the card up whenever she's denying herself some form of pleasure out of her sense of obligation toward proper action and stoic conduct.

The Object 10/40: Erin found a gun in the outside that bears a resemblance to her homeland. Unable to let it go, and unable to truly accept it, she carries it around and tends to stare at it or think of it while mulling over her issues.

Arc 1:

Mental Training (Knight arc quest 1) 40/40: Rather than studying a specific field of mental training, Erin is trying to find something that she can do that wouldn't shame her ancestors yet is something she can do that is pleasant. She's not sure if this is really allowed.
How it went: To practice, Erin started working as Katja's assistant, went out on a date with Alex in the course of which she asked about why Alex makes dolls and wondered a lot whether or not its OK to be happy even though her world is dead and forgotten. Seeing Leiko acting maidly, Erin realized this might be a real thing and not a prank on her, and decided to experiment with this path as well. Leiko's enthusiasm has her stuck like this for the moment. Erin has come to the realization that she wants to be helpful, to contribute to the betterment of the world around her and following the path of the maid seems like a means of going about this for the moment. Perk Get: Superior Maid 2

Bind 20/20 : Erin and Alex fought a vampire. Alex ordered the vampire to be nicer and Erin volunteered to be her jailor, working the vampire as a maid until the task is complete.
How it went: After Erin's particular brand of crazy and sobby backstory earned her some pathos from Anca. However when they went to move into Anca's mansion Erin unwittingly insulted Anca till she snapped and tried to kill Erin… This didn't go well for Anca as Erin beat her into submission. Erin tried to work as a maid at the mansion, but the creepiness proved too much for Erin to bear and she had to be rescued by Alex, Katja and Leiko. In the end, Erin seems to have started working at Alex's shop? Perk Get: I have Certain… Resources

A Troubled Protagonist (Knight Arc Quest 2) 25/25: Erin's torn between her desire to pursue the path of the maid (err something like that any way) and her duty to her homeland. A major part of her thinks that maids are stupid and silly and can't win a war and that being happy is bad. She holds a quest card reading "Toward a new me" on one side for when Erin is focusing on training and working hard and "Bound by the Past" on the back of the card when Erin's sense of duty and history makes her doubt that she's right to choose this path.
How it went: Erin vacilated on the maid position even as she got closer with Alex. Working on a plan to kidnap Leo, Erin found the resolve to move forward and declare her affection for Alex. Unfortunately the principal invoked his powers to show Erin nightmares of her past. Lost in her trauma Erin gave way and attacked the principal, injuring both him and herself in person. As Erin prepared to mindlessly continue her rampage, Alex used the doll she gave Erin earlier to appear and calm Erin down. Perk Get: Connection Alex 2

Basic Quest: 1 completion 15XP

XP Emotion: Aww!

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