Leiko Aoryu


  • Name: Leiko Aoryu
  • Academic Ability: "Why is she even here?
  • Athletics Ability: Yes.
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Favorite Food: Something sweet like princesses…. I mean, candy
  • Associated Animal: Poor helpless beasts that that just want to dwell in the ocean.. or attack cities and keep getting assulted by the JDF
  • Hair: Long, black blue that never seems to get messy
  • Build: Perfectly curvy in all the right places… and sometimes miles of destruction


Superior Martial arts 3.
Cosplay 2
Heir to the Aoryu school of martial arts 1
Shine 2
Cool 3
Spiritual Energy 3
Connection: Magical girls' club 1
Connection Katja 1

Arc Traits

  • Ace 3
  • Child of the Ash 1
    • Mood:Hyper Frantic action
    • Wicked Mood:Puts on her glasses, combs back her hair and fixes her clothing: Deadly calm.
    • Kaiju form: Blue oriental dragon
    • Element: Chaotic Spring(Growth and change)


  • Superior skill: Spiritual Energy
  • Bond; I Must help my friends 3

*Cool equal to Ace level
*Breath Of Change attack

Basic Quest: Help others become better.
Connecting with Someone(Katja) 16/25
Mental training 3/40

XP Emotion: Weird

Trust 2
Something to deal with 1
Hero 1

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