Tawny Sakurasei

Name: Tawny Sakurasei
Academic Skill: Alright, Mostly.
Sports Skill: Exceptional
Age: 16 (she's a cool, older girl :P)
Gender: Female
Race: Shop-Fox/Tenko
Blood Type: B
Animal: Fox
Favorite Food: Ice Cream - lots of flavors, but especially chocolate,coffee, and Sake Ice Cream~!


XP Gained:
Current Arc: The Ace 2
Frantic: Can always be overmattched / overwhelmed / in trouble to gain XP and MP.
XP Emotion: (debating either her being sexy or her beign cute, or possibly beign either, whenever her playful/seductive/ nature comes into play?)

Wounds: [ ][ ] Will: 8/8
[ ] M. Will: 3/3
[ ][ ] MP: 5/5

2 Superior Senses
2 Superior Grace & Charm
3 Lithe,Nimble, and Athletic
1 Making Girls Blush
-1 Math

1: Bond 2: My ears and tail are really sensitive.
2: Shine Bonus = Become Somebody Arc Rating
3: Cool Bonus (Ace): Cool = Ace Arc Rating

Knight (Become Somebody: Beloved Actress) 2
Aspect (The Ace): 1

Arc Powers
Become Somebody 2
Role: Beloved Actress
Truth: I always seem cool!
Failing: Overconfidence

The Wages of Sin - 0mp - You can see your Failing in others and in situations, deriving how that failing is connected - or not connected with what you can sense.

Shared Experience - 0mp - Temporary Affliction = Arc allows you to recognize how others are like your role and to see how.

Truth - Auctoritas = Arc protects all of your Truths. You can spend a Recharge Token to gain a new Truth.

Adaptable - 1mp - Fit in to an area as your Role. Grants Affliction 'I belong here', with following effects:

  • 'at least' +1 tool bonus on what you should be doing
  • Arc Rating 'connection' to the environment
  • Coincidences & Bursts of Inspiration

*trouble remembering that this isn't always who you were and where you lived.

Unstoppable - 2mp - While fulfilling your role and expressing it to someone (or in order to express it to someone)

Commanding Aura (See Book)
Reject (See Book)

The Ace
Tireless - Miraculous Will may be used on self care, or any mundane ordinary or superior kill, as long as it is notably exhausting. (@arc 2, exhaustion is removed) Regain when you or someone else in-scene completes a genre-XP action

Cool Bonus: Gain Cool Perk = Arc

The Ace -

Push Yourself - Use The Ace as if 1 arc higher.


Ace 1: Beautiful and Far Away 0/20(35?)
Tawny's retreat isn't Beautiful and Far Away - it's a dance club in Arcadia, where she knows the owner, who is letting her crash there, using one of the VIP rooms as a living space. It's owned by another Tenko - one who sees Tawny's resemblance to herself, but also one who doesn't want to see her throw her family away. Tawny has run away because she's tire dof her father trying to push her about after her mother's death last year.
Once each, gain 5 XP when…

  • Others stumble across your Secret Place
  • You establish why you need your Secret Place
  • You establish a reason why your Secret Place is hurting you

1/chapter, may earn bonus XP toward this quest through
*Guiding someone through the Setting of the arc
*talking with someone about the secret place
*refusing to retreat to the secret place even when thigns are bard
*retreating to the secret place

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