Clio Nonesuch

Clio Nonesuch, Regal of History, Domina Historia
A Noble Power in 'Lines in the Sand'

Aspect 0 5 AMP 0 CP
Domain 5 5 DMP 15 CP
1 History repeats.
2 History teaches those who remember.
1 History is written by the victor.
1 History shapes our perceptions of the present.
2 History influences the future.
Persona 1 5 PMP 3CP
Treasure 0 5 TMP 0CP
Persona 1 - PMP 1CP
1 Muses possess divinity.
2 Muses inspire.
1 Muses seek genius.
1 Muses are Ethereal.
2 Muses have knowledge of arts and sciences.

Passion and Skills

Skill: Academic (4)
Skill: Superior Spirit-Guide (2)
Passion: I read it in a book somewhere. (1)
Shine (2)

Bonds and Afflictions

Affliction: I am woven into the back-story of those I meet. (3)
Affliction: I experience the flow of time at the same rate as the Hollyhock God. (1)
Affliction: Reading someone's writing gives me a window into their heart and soul. (1)
Bond: I am the muse, guardian and spirit-guide of historians, archaeologists and time-travellers. (4)
Bond: The histories and fates of others are revealed to me. (2)
Bond: I am always running into my ancestors and descendants. (2)


Active Immortality (6 CP)
Elemental (Mist) (1 CP)




Not to know what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?

Clio Nonesuch is, as far as she is aware, the only Power of History ever to have existed. Her own history is a work in progress. Every time she meets a new person, her history spirals out back into the past, intertwining into that person's backstory so that she and they have a history together.

Her links with various Imperators have given her a history that stretches back long before the birth of humanity, back into the early eras of the First Age. She has not entirely internalised these memories into herself however, and would be the first to admit that she does not exactly act her age.

Given the nature of her peculiar Affliction, even she does not know her exact history. Her own memories tell her she entered Creation from the Outside at the end of time, but her memories of time are not entirely linear and there's a strong argument that by everyone else's interpretation this is where her story ends rather than begins. Arguably the distinction is meaningless anyway.

She has spoken with her sister-Muses and to several of her descendants and ancestors, and knows that she will be born, that she will live, that she will raise a family and that she will die at some point within the timeline of Creation. Her son Hyacinth will be the lover of the god Apollo, and her line will continue on until humanity either meets its end or until ends become meaningless.

Interaction with Wildlords, Excrucians and other beings from the lands beyond Creation has indicated to her that she is a native of the Outside and her legend is apparently well known beyond Creation, though she holds no memories of any time in the lands beyond and cleaves to the song of The Light. The possibility has not escaped her that she is actually a really elaborate Welkin rite, and this unnerves her. In the meantime busies herself by chronicling the history of Creation, the Imperators and the Excrucian War.

Life Path



"How will my story unfold?" -Linked to "Someone both of and outside Creation."

"Is human history a descent into evil, a story of exaltation to something better, or something with no moral weight at all?" -Linked to the Heart of the Clematis.

More than anything else you are… …in love with something.
I am completely head over heels in love with Time and Creation. Where did you come from? Where will you go? What will happen to you along the way? (Strengthens the Heart of the Clematis.)

You are something… …really strange.
I entered Creation from the Outside. I do not know for what ultimate purpose, but I find myself driven to oppose Meon’s influence on Creation in particular. (Strengthens the Heart of the Clematis)

Your Estate is from the… …Light side of human experience.
History as an Estate is hard to pin down in a moral context, but I ultimately believe that History is differentiated from its sibling Time by virtue of the fact that it is humanity’s *understanding* of the past. I believe it to be from the light side of human experience because while both history and the past can be used to hurt or help, having knowledge of something *as a concept* is fundamentally good. (Strengthens the Shadow of the Clematis.)

Your Estate is… something you can describe.
History is the sum total of human knowledge of what has gone before, and is intimately tied to the act of description. (Strengthens the Heart of the Lotus Flower.)

You lived a… …Blessed Life.
To my knowledge I have always been a Power. I entered Creation from the End of Time and have walked forward and backward along Creation’s lifespan collecting stories. (Strengthens the Heart of Both Keys.)

The legacy of my Blessed Life is… …Community.
As far as I know, I entered Creation from the Lands Beyond the Weirding Wall. So why do I keep bumping into my ancestors and descendants? The hints of my unfurling backstory indicate I will be born, live a mortal life and sire offspring. Presumably at some point I have a commencement to look forward to. I’m not really sure how I feel about that one. (Strengthens the heart of the Lotus Flower.)

Organisation- My existence is acknowledged by those academics and professionals who study history in some capacity, and it is a frequent feature of my unfurling back-story that I have acted as muse, guardian or spirit-guide to them. (Strengthens Heart of the Lotus Flower.)
Inspirational friend or lover- My lover is the Devil Shemyaza, who is Beginnings, Triumph and Tragedy. He has something of a tormented artist/scholar thing going on, but when roused from self-pity he is a great storyteller and listener. (Strengthens the heart of the Clematis.)

You are affiliated with… …the Song of the Light.
My destiny is tied to humanity, to its stories, triumphs and tragedies. I may not know my purpose, but it is my pleasure to make sure the story never ends. (Strengthens the Shadow of the Clematis.)

Domain Miracle Chart

0 Know when something endangers the fabric of History as a whole, or twists its properties against themselves. 5 free strike.
1 Conjure up illusions or recordings of historical events, or put vague non-compelling ideas about history in people's heads.
2 (Where did I leave my car keys?) Gain knowledge of historical events as generally remembered to history (a lesser divination will tell you details that made it into modern history books, but cannot speak of things lost to the mists of time or distorted by historians. Learn how old an object is and whether it figured into particular historical events. Persuade spirits of history-books to help you find the information, or alter themselves to subtly cover something up.
3 Make someone remember something they have forgotten (Where did I leave my car keys.) Make sure a historical event is not forgotten by a small group of people, or increase its importance to them. (So something which was considered a minor historical footnote is now a defining part of their heritage.) Protect a historical event from being forgotten or distorted by people in the future.
4 Alter the accepted interpretation of historical events. Rewrite the details of recorded local history going back a long time. (Without actually changing what really happened.) Alternatively, create details to "fill in the gaps" of recent history. Subtly alter reality in non-obvious ways to reflect the new history. (i.e. the Bill and Ted time game; "yesterday I dropped by here and made sure there was a getaway car parked right round this corner. Then ten minutes ago I called the police and tipped them off to a bank robbery on the other side of town.) The impacts of changing history in this way are usually far more minor than you would expect. (History is self-correcting to some degree and it takes a surprising amount of work to invoke the butterfly effect.)
5 Eliminate minor events (i.e. that only a small number of people would be directly affected by) from history. On a local scale these changes can have a real impact. (E.g. change someone's parentage so that his mother never had an affair with the mailman and DNA testing shows him to be the legitimate offspring.) Alternatively, erase people's collective memory of a historical event. Learn facts about history as they happened (i.e. recall stuff that has been completely lost to modern historians, or which would never have generally made it into historical record, such as a person's secret thoughts or feelings.)
6 Outright change minor or local historical events, even if they happened centuries ago and have the world change to accommodate this new truth. Reverse the flow of history on a local scale so that historical events happen in reverse or repeat themselves. Ensure that a particular historical event gets great importance attached to it by everybody in the world and is remembered exactly as it happened and not be subject to historical revision. Swap one person's history for another's.
7 Rewrite large swathes of what is accepted as distant history by world historians. (Without actually changing reality) Alternatively, use the "fill in the gaps" trick to change recent historical events on a large scale.
8 Erase significant historical events from history, or wipe humanity's collective memory of significant events. (E.g. make the whole world forget the last 100 years of history.)
9 Rewrite the actual history of Creation on a grand scale. While it can generally only directly change localized events, it can have far-reaching implications that alter the course of worlds. (E.g. Change the outcome of wars, cause or prevent assassinations, dramatically change the outcome of particular policies, ideas or inventions etc.)

Persona Miracle Chart

0 I can recognize great historians, or people, movements organisations and ideas whose actions will make their mark on history.
1 Make people a little more/less likely to, repeat themselves, remember and learn from the past, believe the words of the powerful/victorious, see their situation in a particular context, take control of their own destiny or influence historical events.
2 Incarnate in historians, flashbacks or memories.
3 Make myself able to repeat actions I have seen. Improve my memory and ability to adapt based on past experiences. Make myself an incredible teacher. Allow me to adapt myself in the context of a victory. Make myself able to shape peoples perceptions. Give myself the power of prophecy.
4 Grant people great historical importance, or remove things from the present and place them into history. Make people perfectly repeat themselves, make people learn from and adapt to their mistakes. Make people who are forgetful repeat their old mistakes. Give other people prophetic future-shaping power. Allow people to reshape their perception of the present. Place people or things under the influence of a victorious leader.
5 Bring people or things from the past into the present. Make it so that someone who is a loyal follower of a victorious leader is no longer swayed by their influence. Make it so someone never learns from their mistakes. Make it so someone has no influence over what they perceive. Make it so someone or something cannot repeat itself. Make it so someone has no control over how future events will turn out.
6 Make it so someone is a focal point of history who mingles with famous figures and gets swept up in every great event they could conceivably be involved in. Make it so that someone only ever benefits or loses out from their past. Give myself the power to declare prophecies that shape the destiny of the world. Make my every thought and daydream into city-spanning illusions.
7 Turn someone into the next Einstein, Stalin or Gandhi. Make people adapt to their conditions with Borg-like perfection. Give people full, conscious control over fate.
8 Bring whole civilizations from the past into the present. Completely shatter a nation-state or world religion dependent on charismatic leader/prophet.
9 Transform a location into a historical nexus point where the fate of the world, nay the Ash itself may be decided.
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