Cilo On...


With the exception of Vona, Al-Agrefyyn is probably the closest of my siblings to me. If I were to bid him grant me a wish, it would be that he cease raging against the world and embrace his role as a catalyst. As it is I will simply give him what counsel I can.


Azatha scares me. Bad enough that the eternal Samasa Tamerlin met her end, but Azatha's existence makes mockery of the very concept of eternity. It reminds us all that this story has an end. On reflection that is probably not a bad thing to be reminded of, but it does not make me fear her any less.


We share similar interests, but I find he places a little too much importance on the actions of individuals over the story of worlds and peoples. It is to be expected I suppose, and truth be told I suspect my own Estate would be all the poorer without him doing his job.


We may not share many qualities as far as personality goes, and our interests are in slightly separate spheres, but I cannot help but be happy around Milo. I get the feeling that even if Azatha's worst prophecies were true and the world deserved to burn, Milo would continue to celebrate beauty and truth even amid the ashes of the great tree.


His flights of fancy are amusing, but I fear his surface changeability is merely a mask for a being that cannot grow and change as humanity does. In this respect his problem is similar to mine. Neither of us can quite get the hang of *growing* as people.

So I sympathize with him, but I am not sure if I can learn from him.


Ah. Vona. My dear, dear sister. Though my memories tell me I have outlived her by millennia, I cannot help but think of her as my older sibling.

Her mortality allows her to grow and to change (and who knows, maybe even mature) in ways I cannot. Sometimes it seems like I merely follow along in her footsteps, but I can think of no one I would rather have as a companion on the road of Time. Her mission is my story, and I sense that *my* mission is inextricably tied to her as well.

So why has she been so secretive of late? I do not need to rank among the Powers to see that some great secret has cut a hole in her heart. I would not betray her trust by stealing the secret unbidden, but I am hurt she does not trust me enough to share it.

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