Colonel Aureliano Buendia

On this day, as Colonel Aureliano Buendia faced the firing squad, he remembered that distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice.

So much had changed in so little time. After he discovered ice, he became a great silversmith under the tutelage of the spirit of Melquiades, creating little golden fishes and boiling the vials as the alchemists did. His life was that of alchemy, silversmithing, fishes, poetry, and visions, and his life was simple in this village of Macondo. Just like his mother and father and brother and sister, though there were other Macondos just beyond the horizon, their lives were so tied to the Macondo of their home that they cared little of any other. Macondo was simple, for Macondo was small and Macondo was vast, both surrounded by the water and stretching outward and inward on all sides with rolling plains. Life was simple, and life was peaceful.

That all changed the day The War came. Not a War, or The Excrucian War, but The War, a War that started when men with clubs and guns had beaten a woman to death for being bitten by a rabid dog. At that moment, Aureliano Buendia saw this and was enraged, so much that he gathered his friends and started his first war. Thirty wars after that, Colonel Aureliano Buendia had still failed to win a one of them. Every war had a new face, a new inscrutable enemy that was the cause of the destruction of freedom which so angered him. No matter how hard he fought, no matter how many of his men died, he could not overcome what soon became to him forces that were faceless and nameless. At the peak of The War, as the land was ravaged and burned to the ground, Aureliano was surrounded by men with gaudy badges on their breasts, emblazoned on them a rainbow macaw with gems for eyes. He was surrounded and captured and dragged to Macondo to execute him once and for all.

It was only on the day of Aureliano's execution that it dawned on him that he was about to be killed. Though no injury had lasted in the thirty some wars he had led, he was suddenly faced with the inescapable prospect of being shot to death. Such an act of having the rest of his life cut so short enraged him; to think that it was all on the whims of some man he had never even met. The impotence of the moment began to eat him alive until he was dragged out to the wall in front of the firing squad. He saw the badges on the firing squad look out with jewels in their eyes, and he saw that they were the moon and the sun and that they were the same look that the Captain had behind them. He knew at once what force wanted to end him, perhaps for the first time in years, and it only served to aggravate him. The only solace that could distract from the rage in his guts was the distant afternoon when his father took him to discover ice. He remembered the chest that contained the block of ice, the way the light danced and refracted into a million colors. He remembered the chill on his face, the odd sensation of heat he felt after his father payed for him to touch it. Even as he cursed the firing squad with every piece of vitriol inside of him, he remembered the moment of splendid solitude as he saw the heart of the ice. It got to where all he could see was the memory of the ice, and with one step off of the edge, he dived into the sight and felt the boiling sensation of his hand against the block of ice once more. He heard a yell from the side and found Jose Arcadio Buendia stomping in with a shotgun in his hands. As Jose Arcadio roared and the firing squad scrambled to shoot at both Jose Arcadio and Aureliano, another war had just begun.

It was at the sound of gunfire between Jose Arcadio and the firing squad that it snowed for the first time in Macondo. For a moment, Aureliano could not believe his eyes, for the world had suddenly stopped in its tracks. The bullets and pellets were held in transit as the very idea of snow floated to the earth. Aureliano then looked up and saw his spirit leaving his body, ascending towards the ashen ball of white that replaced the sun, freezing and solidifying and taking a life of its own as breath in the cooler winter nights. He felt so cold that his soul boiled over, a chill so deep that the bones of his heart ached and cracked and reformed as ice. In fact, he became so cold it occurred to him that he could be nothing but Ice itself. As his body began to shrink and die and his spirit broke free and became Ice, he saw in his last hours on this Macondo a brazen image of a macaw that blocked the sky, and whose eye stared out through the moon itself.

"I am Seven Macaw!" The ghost of his sins past called out with pride. "I am the one who created this world, and all who live in it give way to my splendor." And with that cry, Aureliano knew that The War in Macondo was only the beginning.

Passions and Skills 8 points
Passion: I want to rid the people of oppression. (2)
Skill: Colonel (3)
Skill: Silversmith (2)
Skill: Poet (0)
Skill: Shine (1(+1))

Will: 8

Bonds and Afflictions 13+treasure=16
Bond: I can't be killed by violent death. (2)
Bond: I must fight my fights to the bitter end. (3)
Bond: I must ensure I am my own man (2)
Affliction: I am becoming a symbol (2)
Affliction: My emotions are dulled, but… (3)
Affliction: My rage threatens to corrupt me. (2)
Affliction: I recieve prophecies and portents of the future. (2)

Properties: 7
Ice is cold, man (2)
Ice feels nothing (2)
Ice is more than what's on the surface (1)
Ice always floats (1)
Ice exists at the edges of the world (1)

25 character points - 25 = 0

Aspect: 3
Domain: 1
Persona: 1
Treasure: 3

Aureliano's Portents (Domain 1 Level Least Incarnation of Divination)

Wonderous Anchor(s):
Aureliano's Sons (Lvl-3?): Forces of imposing will on the status quo.

NOTE: May change Song of Hell to Song of Heaven depending on which is more appropriate.

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