When Adam and Eve shared the Apple, they began the utter decline of Eden. There fall would turn Angel against Angel, divide the Light against the Dark. Siblings were torn against each other… as were Lovers. When the lines were drawn there was one amongst the Light, who believed dearly in human survival, who held all the standards of the light and glory, who defended human to the end. He exulted in their glory, in their potential, and stood fast as the world began. Faster even than most, for he loved truly, and deeply, a mortal woman: Lilith.
As the dark gathered might, however, Lilith turned to them to the freedom they offered, to escape from her lover. He pursued her, undaunted. The First Age fell and the Age of War began, and even as Light and Dark were drawn into open conflict, he sought her out. He traveled the realm in search of her, and stood against all sides to protect her from harm.
Then, at last he found her, in the ruined badlands that had once been Eden. He had her to himself… and she denied him. He had traveled the Ash, risked his life time and again, fought and died many times over, for her alone… and she denied him. His heart did not break, for it was an immortal thing. It did worse. It pained him. It blinded him with such excruciating pain, that he could do naught but lash out.
He killed his love then, and her blood stained his hands. The blood laughed at him, told him he had fallen, told him she had one. The Dark had won…
He tore out his own heart then, rather than continue with the pain, and cast it aside, foreswearing love forever more. The Dark had destroyed him… but he remade himself with it, shielded himself in it, became one with it.
But, the blood never left his hands…
And the heart did not stop beating.
It was there when the Well of Fallen Tears that bemoaned the fall of paradise was first ran red with Imperial blood, cut through with abhorrent steel and another age was ended. It stayed there, beating. It was there when Normano Trass entered Eden in the Second Skin of Lilith, and it was there when their child was born of it, there when she was taken by the Dark, just as Lilith was.
It was there until an Angel whose very heart had been ripped out in the great wars of the Second Age, found it, and placed the heart in the fire’s of the hearth in its chest. In those fires the heart was set ablaze and began to beat as never before, the constant pounding and burning.
The Angel knew that the heart was dying, and knew it must save it, for the angel loved. The angel cast the heart from his chest and into the Well of Fallen Tears. And the angel wept to see it go.
The organ splashed amongst the old blood, but its heat transformed it. It melted iron from the blood, and the pounding of the heart, the inevitable, glorious beating, pounded the iron into shape, made from it a vessel, and the tears of the angel cooled the metal in gouts of steam and salt. The heart made for itself a body of Iron, run through with blue veins and red arteries, and old scabs covering the dark flesh.
This body of blood and iron became a new creature, powered by the old heart, a thing of power. And as such the Angel made it Power, and named it Cor.
Since then Cor has been around a bit. Its kept its relation to Lord Entropy, Normano Trass and Rustbringer. Lord Entropy doesn’t want anyone to know about his heart, for fear they will destroy it or, worse, shove it back into him. Cor’s life is defined by intense, burning emotions, often sudden and powerful, but just as often long and smoldering. Being Iron has made him strong, cold, cruel and strong, but his heart tempers the metal, burns it in rage, melts it in passion, making it still malleable and not set in its ways.
He is a warrior first, but also a musician. He plays grand music on his own Heartstrings.

Acacia (III)

A Dangerous Secret…
• I am Lord Entropy’s broken heart.
• The wound of Lilith’s lack of love
• I have borne an Excrucian child.

… That Hurts to Keep
• Painful Silence
• Set Apart
• Lord Entropy will destroy me if it is ever made known.
• My daughter is a threat to creation.
• My daughter does not understand our relationship.

Gorse (VIII)
Something Held in Thrall
• The Blood of the Well of Fallen Tears flows in my veins.
• I beat with the rhythm of the tears of Eden.
• My destiny is entwined with Lord Entropy’s

Entangled with my Enemy
• I can’t let go
• I’m weak
• The Well is my responsibility to protect.
• I am addicted to the blood.

Epic, Inhuman, and Powerful:
It is Lord Entropy’s Heart.

Painful Side of the World:
Iron is cold, hard, painful, it cuts and kills, it brings blood and death. It is useful in many things, but only when burnt and hammered.

Something you can point to:
It’s Iron, it’s a physical thing.
Extraordinary Life:
Was the Heart of an Imperator, broke utterly, and kept on going outside him.

Once, to slip into the fallen realm of Eden, the Deceiver Normando Trass told itself a lie. He told himself he was Lilith, and snuck past the gates. There he gathered the rotting fruit of Gnosis that Eve had once plucked from the World Ash, the bite mark still in it, but he was not alone in the garden. A heart upon the ground called out to him… no to her, to Lilith. Lilith had shunned the heart for so long… but to see it there, still craving her… she had a moment of weakness.
Exactly how Normando Trass in the Second Skin of Lilith and the excised still beating heart of an Imperator made love is unknown… and would be a question of some debate if it was not kept in utter secret.
Suffice it to say, the act did occur, and the two were bound together. Bound more than either knew then, for within the Heart Normando’s false love bore fruit of its own… a triple child, born of Entropy’s heart, Normando’s Excrucian nature, and the lost mortal Lilith.
Normando Trass still has power over the Heart (pseudo Estate: Lovers of Normando Trass), and some strange affinity for it. They have been on strangely friendly terms ever since.

The Well of Fallen Tears is mine to protect and keep safe. I am its caretaker, and in return it fuels my life.

Noble Family (Friend, Enemy, Blood):
Within the heart the child of Normando Trass grew, fed with old blood and pain. She was born into the world screaming not merely the first screams of a child, but ancient screams of pain she could never have known. She was born fully grown, her body red as iron, hair red as blood. Indeed, there was iron in her bones, culled from the heart. Her eyes were filled with stars, but they did not fall.
She was later claimed as the Power of Corrosion by the Magister of the Dark, Hageth Karrote Ishaen Dran, who delighted in having a star eyed woman standing beside him when he lifted his corpulent form upon his litter and toured foreign Chancels with blade in hand.
It was Hageth Karrote who named the strange woman, called her Rustbringer. The heart usually just calls her daughter or, in public, Blood.
Their relationship is complicated. He feels a great deal of love for her, but she doesn’t understand this bond of blood. Her Iron is warm with passions, but to her blood is something to make flow outwards rather than inwards. She is violent and full of fury. Still… she has come to see the use in her parent’s devotion to her.
On occasion they have fought. More often they have had long, frustrating conversations.

The Blood of the Well of Fallen Tears flows through Cor, and from it he sings a song of times long gone, of ended ages and broken worlds. Cor’s song is an Independent one, built on the power of emotion, of temporary motions and changes, it is closest to the song of the wild, but cares little for justice, only the freedom, and the willingness to be sad as well as happy.

Passion: Emotions should be used like tools 3
Skill: Swordsmanship 5
Cool 5
Shine 3

I play beautiful music on heartstrings 1
My blade can cut anything 5
I look after Rustbringer 1

I am addicted to the Blood of the Well of Fallen Tears 1
There is no problem I cannot solve with the application of sufficient emotional force 5

Aspect: 5/5
Domain 0/5
Persona 3/4
Treasure 0/5

• Iron is strong 2
• Iron is durable 2
• Iron is unfeeling 1
• Iron wounds 1
• Iron is magnetic 1

The Blade of Tears
There are actual tears in the Well of Tears. When Eden first fell, Heaven cried. Not just the Angels, Heaven itself cried. And the tears fell to the ground, and gathered in one place, burrowing under the ground. They formed the well, and were not bloodied until the next age fell.
From the dark depths of the Well, Cor took these tears and made them iron. He forged them and sang into them a song of ending. As the Well separated each age from the next, so too would his blade separate whatever he set it upon.
Treasure 4
Simple -1
One Thing Only -2
Well Defined -1 (Cuts things)
+1 Uncommon
-1 CP total


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