Mean Everything To Nothing


Cora, Power of Water

Aspect 0
Domain 5
Persona 3

  • Water gives and sustains life (2)
  • Water controls the weather (1)
  • Water has deep dark depths (1)
  • Water erodes all obstacles (1)
  • Water is invaluable (1)
  • Water washes clean (1)

Treasure 0

"Always be yourself" (4)
"You can count on me!" (1)
Photographer (1)
Marine Biologist (1)
Surfer (1)
Shine (3)


Affliction: I have Multiple Personality Disorder (4)
Affliction: My beauty is refreshing (1)
Affliction: I have a bad reputation (1)
Affliction: I have weekly sessions with an Excrucian therapist (1)
Bond: Cora is positive and go-with-the-flow (1)
Bond: Darla is a frigid, cold-hearted ice queen (1)
Bond: Ophelia is a steamy seductress (1)
Bond: I love Abby and her son Benjamin (1)
Bond: I want to make the world a better place (1)
Bond: I wish to impress my Familia and Imperator (1)


Twenty-two years old
blonde, wavy hair
clear-blue eyes
tattoo on her lower back she doesn't remember getting, its a strange symbol
smile lights up room
often wears sun dresses and sandals
wears little makeup but always has lip-gloss on
smells like coconut suntan lotion


She's had six major blackouts and one lasted an entire year. She can't remember Grade 10 in the slightest, which was when she started full time therapy.


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