Dan Georgia

Dominus Pontium

A computer programmer that led one of the IEEE committees, and led some open source projects, his life wasn't particularly interesting. He hasn't really gotten used to being the Power of Bridges (Privately thinking he's not a good candidate for the office, couldn't they have found something more suited? Or someone more suited?) He nonetheless attempts to do the best job he can.

Aspect 1 (5 AMP)
Domain 0 (5 DMP)
Persona 3 (5 PMP)

  • Bridges carry you over obstacles. (3)
  • Bridges connect separated things. (2)
  • Bridges grant power to those who control them. (1)
  • Bridges erase distinctions. (1)

Treasure 0 (5 TMP)

Gifts: Helpful Estate (Creations/Summonings/Animations),
Implausibly Useful Computer (That park bench has wifi)
Treasure 3 Simple Global Flexible Uncommon
3 -1 +1 +1 +1 (5)

Passion: "All problems can be solved by reason." (2)
Passion: "If people really try, they'll succeed." (2)
Skill: Code Jockey (3)
Skill: Herding Cats (1)
Cool 1
Shine 3

Affliction: I'm always clear headed. (3)
Bond: I can always find a way out. (3)
Bond: I love to teach. (2)
Affliction: People always try to cheer me up when I'm depressed. (2)
Bond: I don't think I'm suited for this job. (1)
Bond: I envy the Power of Software. (1)
Affliction: Something important always comes up when people are wasting my time. (1)

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