Daryl Hughes

Power of Identity

Skill: Runaway (3)
Passion: Be yourself (1)
Skill: Cool (4)
Skill: Shine (4)

Bond: I'm on a quest to find myself (2)
Bond: I swore to protect the Hell's Kitchen orphanage (2)
Bond: I can tell anyone who they are except for myself (1)
Bond: I want to show confidence (1)
Affliction: I am the one and only Daryl Hughes, all Daryl Hughes are me (5)
Affliction: Scelto of the Provenance undermines my Estate (1)
Affliction: I can hear the Song of The Wild (1)

… defines who one is (2)
… separates one from others (2)
… changes with how one perceives reality (1)
… persists (1)
… exhibits self-awareness (1)

… is Daryl Hughes, the one and only (1)
… is on a quest to find himself (1)
… feels uncomfortable with his divinity (1)
… has crippling self-doubt (1)
… protects the orphans of Hell's Kitchen (1)
… cannot outrun his past (1)
… hears the Song of the Wild (1)


BACKGROUND: Daryl doesn't like talking about his past. He came from a middle-American broken home. He hated his parents, or the adults who claimed to be his guardians anyway, and more than that he hated himself. He couldn't stay where he was, couldn't be the person everybody wanted him to be. So, like so many other wayward children with identity crises, he ran away to the big city. There, in the slums of New York, Daryl eked out a miserable existence begging, stealing and cheating his way through life. He still hated himself, still wasn't sure where he was going or what he was doing. When the police forced him into an orphanage in Hell's Kitchen, Daryl got his first taste of what home could feel like. There, among so many other youth struggling with who they were and their place in the world, Daryl found a family of sorts. He vowed to protect the orphanage and his brothers and sisters within from any threat.

This vow attracted the attention of the Deceiver Scelto of the Provenance, who began infecting the orphanage with his own false identity. Before his personality trapped everyone in the orphanage, Daryl somehow became the new Power of Identity and managed to fend off the hungry Deceiver. He did so with conversation. The two talked among the New York City skyline for two days straight, talking about his new Estate and how it fit into the world. The two were kindred spirits, even though they were now enemies on opposite sides of a war for all reality.

Now a new Noble, Daryl is very uncomfortable as a god. He has crippling self-confidence issues that often keep him paralyzed. He prefers to use his miraculous will to do tiny miracles, good deeds, especially for the lost and orphaned children of Hell's Kitchen. He can create new identities for people at will, overwriting their nature with new ones whole cloth or evaporating everything you would consider you. For all of his power, Daryl has not gained any greater understanding of who he is. Daryl Hughes is a pseudo-Estate, much like Scelto of the Provenance, something he has wrestled with to define and control. At this point he can make several people across the globe Daryl Hughes, and though none of them are really sure who they should be or where they are going, they are all him, the one and only Daryl Hughes. His identity is unassailable in it's lack of confidence. He is who he is, that is a law of reality. He just isn't sure who that is yet.

APPEARANCE: Different Daryl Hughes may appear different, but the first and truest of them all is a malnourished skinny looking street-kid in an oversized leather jacket, hair with green dyed tips and brown roots, and a eyes that always remind people of someone else. His facial expression betrays his lack of confidence, but his presence seems to inspire self-awareness, self-analysis and a greater understanding of the self, all of the things Daryl struggles with in his own identity. When he lets that identity leak out into others, they lose self-confidence, feel uncomfortable with divine power, vow to protect the Hell's Kitchen orphanage, and set out upon a quest to find themselves.

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