David Monaghan

David Monaghan, Saint of Commerce, Dominus Commercii

Aspect 1 (6/6 AMP)
Domain 0 (6/6 DMP)
Persona 1 (2/6 PMP)

  • Commerce gives people what they want, but for a price. (3)
  • Commerce connects people and societies through exchange. (2)
  • Commerce benefits those who have the most wealth, not those who deserve it. (2)
  • Commerce transfers wealth from one pair of hands to the next. (1)

Treasure 5 (3/6 TMP)

Gifts: Merchant of Impossibilities

Bonds and Afflictions

  • Bond: I can get people whatever they want. (3)
  • Bond: A lot of people owe me favors. (3)
  • Affliction: I'm unfailingly trustworthy, unless I'm bought out. (2)
  • Affliction: Anyone can command me if they pay the right price. (2)
  • Bond: I have an app for that–no matter what it is. (2)
  • Bond: I see value in everything, and fight to preserve it. (2)
  • Affliction: I know what you want. (1)
  • Bond: I live in luxury and strangeness. (1)
  • Bond: I'm on congenial terms with my employee, the horrific god-monster Nng'Ketesh. (1)
  • Bond: I wish I had been better friends with Praxael before he died. (1)


  • Affliction: Life flows into me. (4, Deadly)

Skills and Passions

  • Skill: Charming 3
  • Skill: Playing With My Toys 2
  • Skill: Business 1
  • Cool 2
  • Shine 2

Personal Destiny: 3
Project Destiny: Uncertainty is in cahoots with Remus. Cahoooooooots. (5)


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