Three Games: Death & Taxes, Heroes & Dragons, Who Needs A Spaceship

IRC campains.


** Yet another Game**
Kamala Duggal (Love)

Death and Taxes
Bethany Wilson (Death)
Tiresias McDowell (Images)

Who Needs a Spaceship
Manjor Calhon (Chancels)
Ex (Excrucians)

Twisted Family

Npc's / Other Stuff

Who Needs a Spaceship, Anyways?
Captain John Hanway
Science officer Spon Newman
ensign torman harkness
Dina Troy
Robert Stomper
Doctor Elisa Hawkes

Nobles & Imperators:
Andabar Kreig (Creation)

Death and Taxes
Ha-Qadosch Berahka
Eger Smive
Victia, The Infinite
Bathedar Quna, Murder

Twisted Family
Chancel Valhalla


Note: Who Needs a Spaceship, Death & Taxes and Heroes & Dragons had some sessions before the recordings began, sessions are usually 2 hours long

Who Needs a Spaceship Ep01: Extremely Sophisticated Dinosaurs (8-5-2012)
Who Needs a Spaceship Ep02: We interrupt this broadcast for an orbital laser attack (8-6-2012)
Who Needs a Spaceship Ep03: Don't Fear the Coward (8-8-2012)
Who Needs a Spaceship Ep04: Ride the River of Lightning (8-12-2012)

Death and Taxes Ep01: Easily Avoidable Piss (8-7-2012)

Twisted Family Ep01: Eating Cake with Murder (8-13-2012)


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